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  1. tristan_cauvin

    Breath of air

    don't you just love ppl who absolutely have to learn not to mess with rotaries the hard way? they sound like huge bees........ and they do sting! makes me want to paint my car yellow and black
  2. tristan_cauvin


    i dont have anymore pics as of now... but i'll definitely take more 1st chance i get. chances are it'll go back from no-wheel-drive to rear-wheel-drive before anyone lets me use a camera cause ppl just like to bullshit like that around here.
  3. tristan_cauvin


    anyway, here are the pics to it. more pics coming soon. i just washed it this weekend. enjoy (sorry tristan, i just have to post this one up:) anubis' edited version:
  4. tristan_cauvin

    Transmission cooler install

    man you need to spray some black paint on yo' crap or something lol