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Rebuilding The Lj4ael (2.3l Mce Transmission)

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Originally posted by, and all credit given to Stevester


Hey guys sorry I havent been to active around here lately. I am currently rebuilding a 2.3 Milly transmission at work, its actually a friends and Im doing him the favor of rebuilding it after hours. Only took $400 in parts and my boss wanted $200 for using the shop. So a total of $600 for the rebuild, not bad eh?


IPB Image

Here is the whole reason for the rebuild. This is what happens when you dont check your fluid level when you know you have a leak. He took a corner the pump caught air causing the car to neutral out and once the fluid moved back the pump pressurized the piston, slammed into gear at a high rpm and sheared all these splines clean off.

I could have just replaced this part and it would have worked but he figured might as well do a full rebuild.


IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

The kit is $150




Wow I didnt even think that was possible, Saint. Our trannys are suppose to be mega-durable! But then again, Steve said the dude didn't check the fluid and went around a corner, the pump caught some air and the car "neutraled out" and when moved back in and BAM, your average garden tools for shearing!


BTW Steve I didn't even know that was actually possible. That is crazy! $600 for a rebuild, thats a hella deal too! biggrin.gif I need to be in miami.




Here are some more pics I took when I went to work on it today.


IPB Image

Here is a better picture of what the kit looks like. Basically everything you need is here unless you have some hard parts that need replacing. Some of the bags with the seals in them have diagrams on them explaining where they go. It really isnt as hard as it seems as long as you are organized and patient.


IPB Image


These are the old clutch disc, his car has 120K on it and these disc are still perfectly fine to reuse and still have plently of friction material but i replaced them anyways.


IPB Image


The dissasembly is really not hard at all, basically take off all the externals (safety neutral switch, speed sensor, and a couple brackets.) then take out all the bolts that hold the two halves together some are inside the bell housing and some outside take off the pan and filter and valve body. I have a diagram with what valve body bolts to remove if anyone wants it. The differential and drums come out with the removal of a couple snap rings.


IPB Image


Here is the transmission fluid pump, still in good shape. I just replaced the seals and its going back in.


IPB Image


Here is the foward drum assembly after being cleaned in mineral spirits having all the piston seals changed and new clutch discs installed.

IPB Image


About halfway put together.


Yel-low I know the kit comes from a company called precision international, and our torque converters come from S-Torque but im not reallly sure about anything else since my boss deals with that stuff but I do know the hard parts we get are from a local place.



Here you go Saint. This should help a bit on understanding how it works.



They are very efficient pumps for their simplicity.



Saint I took some more pics of the pump today so you can see where the fluid enters and exits.


IPB Image

IPB Image


Should have more pics soon, including the valve body and final assembly pics.


******time goes by*****


Okay guys sorry I didnt really update you guys but the transmission is back in the car and running as smooth as ever. Suprisingly the 1-2 shift has improved by alot, its much smoother on this car than it is on mine.

BTW before putting the tranny back in we removed the engine, changed motor mounts, timing covers, valve cover gaskets, tensioners, all new vac lines (had taken them all off without any labeling system and replaced them all with no TCS/TCS Off lights coming on bleh.gif ), new coolant hoses, new accesory belts, spark plugs. Basically everything exept timing belt and water pump and only cause they both look new.


IPB Image

IPB Image

Still have some small issues I need to work out, like why the alternator isnt charging and a wierd noise coming from one of the pulleys, but everything else seems good.



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