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Ca Smog Emissions Test

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I first tested my 2.3L back on 05/05/2012 and it failed both the 15mph and 25mph for HydroCarbons.


So after replacing my 2 year old spark plugs and recharging the K&N air filter, I had my Milly retested.. here were the results:


IPB Image


So I am left with where to go from here......the only thing I can think of is that I need to fix my leaky valve cover.....the oil leaks so bad that it causes a random miss fire on cylinder #3.



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I didnt test after changing the injectors but looking at the power and mpg gains I am likely to pass. Wait for my result and then clean the injectors.


I bought a used set off ebay, sent them for cleaning and swap my old ones with cleaned ones. I have my used set if you wanna do as I do. Or you can send your set and wait a week.

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I doubt a leaking VC could cause that much, maybe your just in CA and thee stupid hippies. I think those results may pass in VA


spark plugs, filter, and of course coils which I think you replaced awhile ago correct? No CEL's?


I replaced everything and failed again and again in HCs just like him. And I know anyhere person here who failed with a high mileage MCE. I think this is generic to 2.3L.

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Well clearly there is another cause as from the factory when everything was new they had no problems, now I fully intend on removing the precats, but if you replaced the injectors, coils, plugs, and o2 sensors etc then you should have no problem, nothing more.


Your at the limit at 25mph but much higher @ 15mph so that tells me its something relating to low spark.

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Im suprised the plugs made that big a difference, how many miles were on them/type? I go 30k on millenia plugs with NGK platinums.


Changed plugs on the Jeep today, after 58k the electrodes were pretty worn down and the gap almost .58. Towing and offroading really took a toll.


VCG shouldn't lower anything, there not letting anything in, jsut letting some oil out - but you should do it if there leaking anyway. Estimated 1-2 days work, do all the vacuum lines at the same time as well.


Have you done anything with pcv valve?

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the VCGs are needed. Cylinder 3 swims in oil as well as a little in 5.....the 2 year old plugs had 25000 miles on them...


I've done nothing to the pcv valve....


vacuum lines were switched a few years back tp silicone and they are still perfect.....

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