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Annoucement: Updated TOS

Due to todays events, a new and I hope crystal clear TOS will be going into effect as of 12:00pm EST 05/22/2006 All MazdaWorld (MW) users agree to use the search function before starting a new thread. Reposts will be deleted, under certain guidelines this may result in a punishment deemed appropriate by individual moderators or administrators, including but not limited to temporary bans or permanent bans for repeat offenders. All MW users agree not to post anything in reference to *This reference banned by MW*, "clubbing", drinking games, college events involving any sort of drinking or drug useage. This is considered a prime offence and will result in a 24 hour ban. All MW users agree not to post any copyrighted or trademarked information without the express written permission of the owner(s). This MUST be a LEGAL trademark or copyright as posted material will be protected under the MW parent company, Laser Productions Inc. False copyrights are of no concern. All MW users agree not to post any emails, personal messages (pm), or any other correspondence with other forum users, including moderators and administrators without their express permission. All MW users agree not to post any real names, addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses on the site without permission from that particular member. All MW users agree not to post links, pictures, attachments, videos, or the like of pornographic content, objectionable material or extreme violence, whether cartoon or real. All MW members agree to never under any condition post pictures, links, videos, podcasts, or hear-say obtainable data sources deplicting animal cruelity. Any infraction of this type will more often then not resulting in a total forever banning. All MW users agree not to use MW for advertising purposes without a written contract between yourself/company/agent and the administration of MW. Blatant advertising will result in a ban. All MW users agree to read the “sticky posts” which may be available at the top of a forum page. These “Sticky posts” often contain valuable information. They may also outline more rules and guidelines specific for that particular forum, or put in place by that forum’s moderator(s). All MW users agree not to spam the forums. Spam includes but is not limited to posting erroneous, non-relevant-useless, off-topic, or meaningless posts. Spam may also include posts which contain no text, or large areas of blank space between lines. Although sometimes appropriate, more often than not simply posting emoticons without text is considered spam. Such instances where it is deemed inappropriate will be decided by moderators or administrators. All MW users agree not to bump old threads, unless there is a specific benefit to the community by doing so. All MW users agree not to attempt/use another member’s account. It is against MW rules to use any account other than your own. Impersonating another member will result in an immediate ban. It is also against the rules to open more than one account in your own name without permission from a moderator or administrator. If you have been banned for any reason, it is against the rules to open another account. If you were banned temporarily and you are caught using another account you will be banned permanently. Choosing a “nickname” which is similar in either sound or spelling as a moderator or administrator is forbidden. MW reserves the right to delete any posts which contain anti-MW comments or discussion. Any bashing of moderators or administrators, or any of their discussion or actions will also be deleted, and the responsible posting party(s) will be banned. Any public anti-MW advertising, communication, or posts on another forum will result in permanent bans as well. All MW users agree not to discuss, engage, or encourage any behavior or activity which violates the law. All MW users agree not to abuse or mistreat moderators or administrators. It is against MW rules to post any information regarding bans or any other action taken by a member of the moderating or administrative team. If you wish to discuss bans or warnings please do so via PM. To place a complaint against a moderator, send a PM to the site administrator. All Moderators are equal, whether global or not, any decision made by a moderator must be adhered to. If a moderator tells you something you do not like, do not go to another moderator looking for a different answer. If you are caught doing this you will be banned. The moderators work as a team and respect the decisions made by their peers and will help enforce them unless an administrator tells them differently. All warnings and bans are decided by individual moderators and administrators. Warnings are preferable to bans however, for serious offenses and repeat abusers bans will go into effect. The length of the bans can vary from several hours to infinity. ALL warnings and bans may be appealed by e-mailing the Administrator at Admin@mazdaworld.net MazdaWorld is not responsible for any loss which may occur from the sale, purchase or, exchange of goods in the Buying and Selling forums. All messages posted or sent including through PM are the sole property of MazdaWorld, LLC, its Parent company and affiliates including Laser Productions Inc. All MazdaWorld users agree that in order to post an item for sale or trade they must have a minimum of 30 valid posts. If you are a company wishing to advertise on the site or sell a product, you must have permission from the board administrator prior to posting, regardless of your post count. All opinions expressed on MazdaWorld are those of their authors and not necessarily of MazdaWorld, its staff, or representatives. This is why there called "opinions" Management can change these rules at any time without notice. By posting on this forum you agree to these terms and conditions, including any punishment deemed appropriate by moderators or administrators in the event of an offence.