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  1. Saint, do you have any oil leaks? In the spark plug wells?


    Wouldn't that cause a lot to be "burned up"?


    Yes I have oils at some plug wells. However that leak is very slow. The main leak is at valve seats. Thats why if it sits too long it smokes at first. Compressor has the typical mist on the walls, nothing excessive.

  2. maybe I should switch.....but after 118K would it do more harm than good?


    Before synthetic around 110k it used to burn maybe 0.5 qt between oil changes (3k). After synthetic I started adding 1 qt between oil changes (5k-7k). Then I had to dump 4 qt between synthetic changes. It was gradual. Then I switched to dino before covering the cats with oil but it didnt help. Now I dump 1 qt after 1500 miles and at 3k it is below L.


    Long story short, I will never switch to synthetic again on a high mileage car.

  3. I doubt a leaking VC could cause that much, maybe your just in CA and thee stupid hippies. I think those results may pass in VA


    spark plugs, filter, and of course coils which I think you replaced awhile ago correct? No CEL's?


    I replaced everything and failed again and again in HCs just like him. And I know anyhere person here who failed with a high mileage MCE. I think this is generic to 2.3L.

  4. I didnt test after changing the injectors but looking at the power and mpg gains I am likely to pass. Wait for my result and then clean the injectors.


    I bought a used set off ebay, sent them for cleaning and swap my old ones with cleaned ones. I have my used set if you wanna do as I do. Or you can send your set and wait a week.

  5. yous all is funny.......I just shelled out $2800 to get mine all fixed at the dealership....TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!



    I am sick of people saying it is not worth putting money into a milly.....that's BS!!!! a payment on a new car in one year is more than what i spend on my milly!!!!! AND it it drives SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!


    It's a win win in my book! No other MAZDA or car is like it.......not even my brand new Touring Edition Odyssey.


    Saint, we need to talk. Need to see what you've done and what needs to be done on yours to get it to pass CA emission.....


    Sure Frank. Let me call you soon. 7pm-10pm ok for you?

  6. Why do we need a group buy for injector cleaning? All you really need is to get them out and 3 dollars of cleaner


    It is too complicated for DIY. Doesnt worth the whole time and investment. You need a fuel rail, a pulser to pulse the injectors at different speed, ultrasonic bath, and a system to accurately measure the flaw rate before and after. Then you need a lot of injectors that you can group according to flaw rates closely thus the variation in a set is minimum.


    A member recently did that and he had 8% variation among injectors before! (@ 135k miles). That means some good injectors has to inject more fuel to make the lazy injector's cylinder happy. Some will run rich and some will be lean. Not good for mpg and performance.



    IPB Image

  7. If you have a lot of time to deal with an aging car, sure. I am at a point that I cant afford to have a possible functionality problem with my car.


    I couldnt pass smog and couldnt register the car. Now I am trying to keep my driving at a minimum, I cant go wherever I want anymore. If I can pass I will look for another (nicer) car, already looking, and keep milly as a daily driver till it dies.


    On the other hand, it may still make sense to fix all those and continue to drive. One better option would be to get a cheaper to maintain old car like a civic but then it is a boring civic.


    Just to make you a little happy, I found this article in the weekend.



  8. My understanding was that oil somehow leaks through the supercharger when the engine is off, which is then burned upon startup. My Eunie died over this issue so I hope you have better luck.


    I don't see how the leak could occur with the engine off. Seals on the SC are located at the bearings, which means that leakage should only occur under pressure. There is no gravity pulling the oil down like with bad valve seals.




    Seals prevent horizontal leakage. But maybe i'm dead wrong.


    If they leak while sitting we would be left without any oil in 10 minutes when its running. I am still arguing most of the startup smoke comes from the valve seals. I dont think there is much difference between 2.3 and 2.5 in terms of this issue.


    So 2 questions:


    1. Anybody attempted to change them?

    2. Is it worth when the time comes (mine are well due now)? IIRC it is listed as a 20+ hours job.

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