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      Online source for ALL Mazda OEM parts.

      Original posted by "Anubis"   HAH! forget millenia. it has it for every mazda ever made. (well most )   here is the website:   http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/ind...p;siteid=214264   enjoy guys.   *Administrative pin - Synesthesia

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  8. A friend asked me what I thought might be causing a noise his car is making. Two things I did not have the time to think about and, therefore, test: Turning the wheels with the engine off. Test drive. What I do know (Engine running, in park): Power steering fluid is just below the Max line when engine is warmed up. Front tires were replaced "A while back". Driver-side front tire looks great. Passenger-side tire is worn down to the wear marks Inside more than outside. When the wheels are turned, left to right and/or right to left, there is a groaning noise which seems to be coming from near the passenger-side wheel. Where would be a good place to start?
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    Major upgrade has started as some may have noticed. We have moved to a new SSD based virtual private server, community software is being upgraded and a new layout will be revealed with in the week.
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  17. What would cause lack of backlighting in gauge and a/c unit but no other issues what so ever (I got wires crossed with Bluetooth add in install) Confirmed bulbs are good, all of cluster works except back lighting. Headlight switch works without issue I'm guessing dimmer switch as I know the backlighting will not work with it disconnected. Any other ideas before some benjamins immigrate away from my wallet??
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