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  1. ///BHRpowered

    Drying Wet Car

    Dangerous. You need something soft. A wiper blade is able to grind bits of dust into glass. Microfiber towel, folded and surface sprayed with a drying agent or lubricant (Such as AMMO hydrate is best)
  2. Has anyone had this issue? if anyone still has Millenia they take to dealership? I haven't been in probably a solid 10 years as there was no reason, I do mostly all my own maintenance and its not driven. BUT the valve cover gaskets have started to leak more then a few drops so its time to get that sorted out, possibly a leak on timing cover as well. So I called up the dealer because they were the only ones I let work on it, which has been tranny flushes, 15/30/45k service etc, always handled by a senior tech.....so I call asking for a quote, get put on hold, and service advisor comes back to say they may not be able to perform service because "no current techs employed here are still certified on that model" and that "There could be issues ordering genuine Mazda parts" and finally "We don't even have the service manuals anymore" Kind of annoyed I mention that I have a full factory service manual for the car I could let them borrow if they use it gentle and return. Service advisor says they will certainly do their best but it may take much longer then normal in case of parts issues etc. Couldn't even get me a quote because it wasn't in their system.
  3. ///BHRpowered

    Need help identifying wheel noise.

    I guess the first question is what kind of noise is it making? grinding, clunking, chipping? Could be CV axle clicking while turning, could be a dust shield just got bent a bit, need more info
  4. ///BHRpowered

    Mazda Museum

    Yes sir
  5. What would cause lack of backlighting in gauge and a/c unit but no other issues what so ever (I got wires crossed with Bluetooth add in install) Confirmed bulbs are good, all of cluster works except back lighting. Headlight switch works without issue I'm guessing dimmer switch as I know the backlighting will not work with it disconnected. Any other ideas before some benjamins immigrate away from my wallet??
  6. ///BHRpowered

    Getting Hard To Find Millenia's...

    Ideally, I could find a low mileage millenia with a single critical flaw to harvest parts from - but that would be wrong.
  7. ///BHRpowered

    Carcapsule - 10 Years Later

    www.carcapsule.com I have a CC18 which gives plenty of room for the Millenia. They make bigger and smaller sizes, an outdoor reflective version etc. A high end custom cover is around 300-350, an oem cover for a higher end car can be around 500, so it is still a good deal. If you have a something you plan on driving very rarely but want to keep in perfect condition without access to a museum - this is the way to go.
  8. ///BHRpowered

    Carcapsule - 10 Years Later

    I suppose an update, for the first time in 10 years the capsule no longer holds the Millenia. It has been moved to a special climate control storage area as it's possible I may only get 1 drive per year in it. The capsule now holds the RS4
  9. ///BHRpowered

    Mwm 2016

    Details coming together, grab a spot. Jetaway can share a room with me.
  10. ///BHRpowered

    Mwm 2016

    Since a MWM yes, which is why we must have one
  11. ///BHRpowered

    Mwm 2016

    2016 will mark 10 years of MW.net To celebrate we should have some sort of epic meet. Date: Aug 25th - 27th Location: Ocean City Md That is Thursday - Saturday. People likely getting in late thursday night and then leaving sat or staying extra night to leave sunday morning.
  12. Well well, In just 3 more weeks MW.net will have its 10 year anniversary.... That being said, I'v had the Millenia in a carcapsule for 10 years now, some people have asked about it over the years so here's what you need to know. Pro's - Keeps the Millenia spotless and clean, not a spec of dust or single inspect since its positively pressurized. Removed moisture from air Set it and forget it, zero maintenance required Material has held up very well, no rips, tears or sign of degrading materials Has prevented damage to car by falling objects from earthquake Far superior to even a high end custom cover Con's - Not very easy to get on and off, have had to buff mirrors and rear spoiler where it's rubbed paint Fan went out around the 7 year mark, ordered a replacement and it has been fine since Zippers, possibly biggest complaint is the poor quality zippers and how hard it is to seal up. Have ripped apart several of these and 1 zipper currently damaged to where I cannot open capsule. Yellowed/faded/cloudy. Not really possible to clean and once its dirty it just stays that way. Used in a windowless garage yet still shows fading. Being hard to get on and off it's annoying if you want to do work on vehicle Overall, possibly the single best investment I'v made for any vehicle, ever. So if you've been on the fence for the past 10 years, go get one.
  13. ///BHRpowered

    Getting Hard To Find Millenia's...

    A search of ebay yielded a single 01 2.5. only 4 on craigslist. Almost never an S shows up. What does come up has just been trashed by ghetto rats. I saw an 01-02 silver S w/gray interior in a parking lot the other day. Aftermarket pep boys rims, rust, disgusting interior
  14. Been looking to add to the fleet again. Only 1-2 for sale on ebay at a time, craigslist, even the paper very few. Rarely is it ever an S. Looking for an 01-02 Silver S, gray interior, under 120k, some mechanical issues ok but must have no body issues/rust.
  15. ///BHRpowered

    New Top Speed Record?

    Millenia's have been clocked at 155. Though this was in the time before smartphones and GPS checking.