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  1. Jallan

    Cel Code P0302

    I had a p0302 on my S. It ended up being a bad injector. Switching the packs would be the easiest check, then check compression, then fuel. Good luck.
  2. Jallan

    The saga begins

    The final tally: 96 Millenia S- $1000 alternator- $185 reman injector- $70 21 feet of vacuum hose and assorted tees- $20 knock sensor- $85 used maf sensor- $65 carton of cigarettes- $35 various fluids- $40 An S in great shape that purrs with no cel or tcs lights on for about $1500- priceless Sorry I haven't been around. This is the busy season for the tour industry. I get one day off every 12 days or so. I finally finished project S today. Can't wait to "test" it later PS, I got your email MC, thanks. All is well.
  3. Jallan

    Lowering the Milly

    BHR, I can save you the trouble. I have a 95 and 96. They both do not have "shock assists". They have free movement and are propped up with the metal rod.
  4. Jallan

    2002 Milly Low Pricee

    What you could do is drop a 200hp 7500 rpm KLZE in mated to a 5 speed tranny and own every other milly on the road. I wish I had more time. I would like to do that to a base model. Build it up and create a "sleeper" Millenia.
  5. Jallan

    Another Parts Site

    Good find. Availability of certain parts is sometimes more important than price.
  6. Jallan

    Ever Seen These Guages?

    Those look clean. I like it. The leds for the odometer look great as well.
  7. Jallan

    Ever Seen These Guages?

    I don't know. I still see them oem on some recent models. Not electro-luminesent, of course.
  8. Jallan

    Lowering the Milly

    I THOUGHT SO The avatar looked very familiar.
  9. Jallan

    The saga begins

    Sorry to hear. Specs of said 95? BTW, I would jump on Rengirl's Milly if I were there. That sounds like a decent price, and I'm sure the maintenance is superb.
  10. Jallan

    Lowering the Milly

    True, but I havent logged on, just browsing as a guest. I might for the hell of it.
  11. Jallan

    The saga begins

    So it begins, Bahahahahah
  12. Jallan

    Lowering the Milly

    Yes, it would be nice to have a fellow nutcase closer to home. I browse the "pissbucket" and there is someone there by the screen name 99 Hawaii Milly, or something. I wonder who or where in Hawaii this person is?
  13. Jallan

    The saga begins

    Why yes, yes it does......................
  14. Jallan

    The saga begins

    And manual transmission, not to mention the eunos with 4WS, and............................oh fuck it.