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  1. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    I'm getting some marine button covers for the screws on the boost gauge, and maybe try to find some fabric instead of the paint so it matches a little better. Caddi, the spoiler thing is a sore issue for some, lol. It IS the spoiler originally offered for the Millenia. I got it for $80 on ebay, and painted for less than $100. I may delete it soon. Have to wait for my next commission check before i get the exhaust done. Getting an estimate next days off to run 2.5" from the headers all the way back. No equipment restrictions in FL.
  2. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    Shooting a new video with 2.5" exhaust, new O2 sensors, low ambient temps at sea level next couple of weeks. Should be putting some interesting new stuff up here in the next few months. One street over is an industrial park with a ton of automotive businesses, including a dyno.
  3. Jdubs99

    Calling For Help

    http://www.upullandsave.com Doesn't look like they list inventory anymore however.
  4. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    Temp sensor I just moved all connections from the airbox over. I only had 6 vacuum lines. The boost gauge is connected directly off the manifolds. Only reads boost past 1st gear and under acceleration. I'm gonna make a vid later today and post it up here.
  5. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    There are 3 other lines, in the lower back of the pipe.
  6. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    House is built, move completed.....Now to find a job. Here's the promised pics of recent work.
  7. Jdubs99

    Calling For Help

    There was one at a you pull and save lot up in hebron, ky.
  8. Jdubs99

    Boost Gauge

    What's the best vacuum line to use for a mechanical gauge?
  9. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    I can text a pic if someone wants to throw it up here.
  10. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    Yea, wasn't too bad. I would have done a write up if i had my camera available.
  11. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    Useless without pics, but my camera is packed up for moving. Replaced the valve cover gasket, reinstalled the vacuum system with brass Ts, and I think I'm now the 2nd person that has fabricated a midpipe eliminating the airbox. The car is running better now than when i bought it.
  12. Anyway the threads in question can be moved to political?
  13. Jdubs99

    New Stuff

    Lighter wheels are rice, but cheap HIDs are not...hmmm. Pictures and actual viewing are two different things. The wheels had to be replaced, and I don't do 19s or 20s. Having to stop at the gas station for air every two days was getting old. I got stopped by another Millenia owner two days ago about my car and referred him here. Meh.
  14. Jdubs99

    Trouble Codes

    I doubt it's the battery, replaced it with an optima when i bought the car two and a half years ago. I'll check the vacuum system tomorrow. I've got brass Ts on the way from McMaster-Carr, buying new vacuum tubing tommorow, and the new VCG is in my toolbox. The engine has been bogging down for awhile now, but no trouble code. I did the DIS test on each ignition module with a Fluke meter, and found no resistance issues (unless i need to use an analog meter). Spark plugs looked ok. Trying find the problem through process of elimination.