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  1. mts

    P1540 vaccum diagram

    Not sure if I have any of these left in the basement....but the junk yard is always a treasure trove for these....
  2. mts

    #5 Misfire When Warm

    I hate to do this.... but BHR may be on to something.....other than his mother. LOL
  3. mts

    #5 Misfire When Warm

    Oil on the plug from the VC gasket....
  4. mts

    Official Mazdaworld Meet 2011 Thread

    It's the ROOF, and only the ROOF
  5. mts

    For Sale: 2002 Millenia S W/ Siezed Engine

    Ummm..... who is this guy that posted above?
  6. mts

    White Smoke On Start Up!

    Weird smell, sort of acrid? Sounds like it could be a seal on the S/C.... sure hope not.
  7. mts

    The New Ride....

    68,000kms and NOT one warranty visit. Not bad for a new car.
  8. mts

    Wtf, Exhaust Prices

    My custom job, for the headers and all was $1500
  9. mts

    Ariel Atom: Now For Sale In Us

    Shhh..... BHR does not understand physics...
  10. mts

    Ariel Atom: Now For Sale In Us

  11. mts

    I Seek A Mce Gauge Cluster

    Nice work Lat..... Awwww TOO BAD BHR
  12. mts

    A Time Machine, Indeed

    Ola Chica.... sounds like you are having fun. Ola Chica.... sounds like you are having fun.
  13. I used to get 7.9 L/100km on a regular basis on long drives. You guys just are not equipped to drive those rates :lmao:
  14. mts

    Murder In Milly?

    What a pansy assed video... MEH Someone kill the screaming jerk please