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      Original posted by "Anubis"   HAH! forget millenia. it has it for every mazda ever made. (well most )   here is the website:   http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/ind...p;siteid=214264   enjoy guys.   *Administrative pin - Synesthesia


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  1. Official Thread - Mazdaworld Meet 2012

    It did...as I was there. lol Will have to catch you the next time i am in San Diego
  2. Mini Milly Meet 2012

    nope, don't think so
  3. No More Millenia Driving!!!!

    damn, that sucks, but like saint said, at least it is in a fixable spot.
  4. Mini Milly Meet 2012

    there is a fb page ??
  5. Official Thread - Mazdaworld Meet 2012

  6. Mini Milly Meet 2012

    Looks like you two had fun.
  7. The Kitty Wants

    I am finally in a position to regain my milly. I am looking for an 2002 Mazda Millenia with extremely low miles and in excellent condition. Must be within the West Coast area so that I can drive the car back to Washington. Price depends on how good a condition the car is in.
  8. Mini Milly Meet 2012

    yes, i figured as much.
  9. Mini Milly Meet 2012

    Texas is out for me as I have been in Baltimore for over a month, and just returned from a weekend in New York City. Will be there in spirit tho.
  10. Good luck with that. I am now on the lookout for a Millenia as I can afford to buy one and there is no one to tell me no.
  11. Sad Day :(

    Very eloquent Lat and absolutely true how one feels when they experience a loss of a Millenia. I have been without mine now for almost 7 years and to this day, when one glides by, I turn and look. I still yearn for another, and when I find the right one....I WILL own a Milly again !!
  12. Official Thread - Mazdaworld Meet 2012

    whidbey island is a lovely location with great roads to drive on as well. mc is now known as Bad Kitty...change it if you would please. moved to Washington state mid november. depending on locale and my job (not got one yet) i will be in attendance
  13. Official Mazdaworld Meet 2011 Thread

    perhaps a NY meet ? I do plan on being in the area permanently and soon.
  14. Official Mazdaworld Meet 2011 Thread

    no ideas yet ??