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  1. Troutman

    Getting Hard To Find Millenia's...

    Are you Australian?
  2. Troutman

    Getting Hard To Find Millenia's...

    Probably still has the 50 Cent CD in the player too.
  3. Troutman

    Getting Hard To Find Millenia's...

    The Great Troutman did a search yesterday and found only 2 Eunies in the country. Both with 250,000 kms.
  4. Troutman

    New Top Speed Record?

    Not sure, but I guess the reason behind different speedos had something to do with Mazda's cost-cutting measures. They did a lot of rationalisation, including giving the later Eunos 800 the same steering wheel as a Ford economy car.
  5. Troutman

    Gps System

    Definitely see the dealership with your car's VIN number. They will probably ask a fee.
  6. Haapy Birthday Fish!

    1. Troutman


      Thank you kind sir, for a present I demand a Seahawks rematch!!!!

  7. Troutman

    Millenia Sales Dropping?

    Ghetto rats have destroyed all.
  8. Troutman

    Rare Golden Badges! Golden Emblems!

    Excellent! I will alert the others.
  9. Troutman

    Rare Golden Badges! Golden Emblems!

    Rare indeed. Any chance of pics?
  10. Troutman

    Valentine One

    Any updates?
  11. Troutman

    Where Are They Now? You Know Who

    Time is meaningless to Millenia's.
  12. Troutman

    New Mx-5 For Late 2014

    The newly revealed 2015 Mazda MX-5 will trade on its edgier design and sharper sub-$40K pricing to reclaim the youthful audience that has stopped buying the roadster in recent times when it launches in the second half of next year. Mazda concedes its most iconic offering became a bit of an “old person’s” car within the outgoing NC model’s life-cycle, reflected by the company’s decision to offer only the safety-first hard-topped version since 2012, with a price nudging $50K. But with the smash hit $30K Toyota 86 proving that it is still possible to lure young buyers into sports cars so long as they’re priced and designed right, Mazda says it has had a re-think, and will take the all-new ND closer to the pricing ground it needs to scoop up this crowd. This strategy should also see annual sales creep back towards their peak. The 25-year-old MX-5 is the world’s top-selling sports car over its lifecycle, with about 970,000 sold thus far. http://www.caradvice.com.au/306404/cheaper-new-mazda-mx-5-needs-to-lure-back-younger-buyers-company-admits/