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  1. Sad but true: car is now dead. It was burning bout 2 litres of oil each 1000 kms. Cat just blew on me. RIP. Its Ford Ecoboost time.
  2. Agreed. Its time to ride till the milly dies. And feed him oil!
  3. Yes valve seal leakage is a very common problem. And NO i dont think it's worth it in my case. Too many labor. It's a PITA of a job on the miller. The downsides are oil consumption (not very costly) and maybe getting your cats ruined.
  4. I don't see how the leak could occur with the engine off. Seals on the SC are located at the bearings, which means that leakage should only occur under pressure. There is no gravity pulling the oil down like with bad valve seals. Seals prevent horizontal leakage. But maybe i'm dead wrong.
  5. But then, if most people kept their cars in a coma...
  6. Here's the quick fix: http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread....arger-quick-fix It's a drastic measure as oil feeds were blocked and SC lube relies only on the heavy duty grease. But...its worth a shot on a dying SC.
  7. Nope. As for the SC, i've read so many things about it. Including that PSE only cleans the gunk out and they are good to go. Also read somewhere that a guy solved his problem by packing heavy duty grease on the SC bearings. The car just stopped smoking. My engine is running fine and i'm only putting 5.000 miles a year on the car. With luck the cats and the SC will last a couple of years more. Sure its burning a quart of oil every 600 miles, but 1800 dollars can buy a whole lot of oil.
  8. I can change the PCV valve. Thats how qualified i am! I will simply ride it till it dies on me. After that it will serve me as a rebate on a new car. I'm not gonna throw 1800 dollars on a PSE SC and have a tranny fail on me after. Anything can go wrong after a guy starts putting money on a car that simply has no value here. Edit: gonna try and buy a Subaru Legacy with 165 HP, LPG converted (factory fitted). Car has 40 K miles and is imacculate.
  9. Exactly! I am burning oil and it is the leak from valve seals. Piston rings are not perfect either. Keep the car sitting for a week and it smokes like crazy. The oil slowly leaks from the valve seals down to the cylinder. you can see this happening with the evident oil burning at some cylinders when doing a spark plug change. If it was S/C all cylinders should have burned oil on the plug. There is no easy way, changing the valve seals is expensive labor. And changing the rings is impossible. (Better buy a new engine). I couldnt pass smog check here and couldnt register the car. All because of the oil burning IMO. If I pass this year with some magic trick I am gonna drive it 2 more years till the next smog and then sell to junk yard. Hi Saint. I know all about your problems. Been reading on them! I bet the issue are the damned valve seals. I hope so anyway! Thats a minor problem to me. Car passes smog check here as long as the engine is warmed up to normal temperature. In my quest i tried some Liqi Moly additives (the only ones in the whole world i can trust). For leaking valve seals i used this (still waiting on results, BUT the car stops smoking a lot faster now) http://www.liqui-moly.de/liquimoly/produkt...voiladb=web.nsf For cylinder and rings i'm gonna use this one next: http://www.liqui-moly.de/liquimoly/produkt...voiladb=web.nsf And as a final cut: http://www.liqui-moly.de/liquimoly/produkt...voiladb=web.nsf This last one performs miracles on some engines. I saw it with my own eyes. In fact i have seen au Audi 1.8 somking like a train. Engine was a used one as the owner just blew the original. After pouring that Ceratec , and letting the engine idle for about an hour the smoke just stopped. I bought all those and i'm dumping the Ceratec in next month. Just gonna put 300 miles on the car for the other additives to take effect. But i will rest only when i check that IC. Also: im gonna change from 5w30 to this one: http://www.liqui-moly.de/liquimoly/produkt...ent&land=DE
  10. Hey....Hey!!! i'm still alive but i bring some bad news. After 4 good years and some major money thrown at the car, i think she is starting a slow death. And im not a happy camper. Not after having all 4 struts rebuilt a month ago and having bought 4 new tyres. My car has started to smoke at startup. It smokes for 6 or 7 seconds and stops. No smoke after that. Came to the obvious conclusions. Either piston rings, head gasket, leakage from stem valves or....THAT supercharger failing. I can rule out the head gasket as the car does not lose any coolant at all. Coolant looks clear as crystal water also. Car is burning over a quart of oil every 1.000 Km. regular like a clock. Gonna get the front IC out and check for oil in it. One thing puzzles me: everyone states that smoke at startup = bad supercharcger. Well, if the supercharger is sucking up oil, shouldn't the car smoke ALWAYS? To wrap it up: if it's the SC, i will part the car or ride it till it dies on me. Not gonna spend money on ebay for used ones. Unless some trustee soul gives me a pointer on a good one! That said: life sux!
  11. cuto

    Front Wheel Bearings

  12. Thanks Saint . In fact i can read the codes, just not obd2 coz the Xedos doesnt have it. Mazda read the codes... they said.... I guess that O2 sensor error was from the misfire itself.
  13. Yes you did my friend! But i was scared nonetheless. In 2 years time ill be giving you the Xedos!
  14. THE END OF THIS STORY: I hate MAZDA..... ...Dealerships!!!!!!!!! THE CAR IS RUNNING LIKE NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Sorry bout the caps guys!!!! It was a coil (or 2). Got the coils 2 days ago. Just got back from the mechanic that changed all the stuff before (timing belt, sparks). It took him 2,5 hours to change all 6 coils (fast learner!!!!!). The car is NOT missing a beat!!!!! No more noises ...no more hesitations. SHE runs like NEW. OMFG im THAT happy i could fuc** that tailpipe! Fuel consumption reached 16 L/100 in city...After i picked the car up the trip computer says, 9.1 L/100! I gave the engine a real kick coz an ML 320CDI was flashing me uphill...Know what? Kicked the Xedos pedal to the metal and...bye bye Merc! i took the foot off the pedal as soon as the tach read 235 km/h... GUYSSSSS! THE XEDOS IS ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you all! BTW: ill be testing all my old coils and will post how many were dead. Happy smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... P.P.S.: tomorrow ill be paying a visit to that Mazda dealership and im gonna rub that bad conrod in their faces!!!!
  15. "He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife." Douglas Adams Im also hoping...