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  1. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Mwm 2016

    It's been a while...
  2. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Miata Pics....

  3. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com


    wont fit. that eunos cap is for early model millenias like my old one. its atleast 3.5 inches in diameter
  4. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Say Goodbye

    a replacement cat is like 70 bucks at best at jegs performance. u can replace that and sell the car and get more for it than a trade in.
  5. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    The World Should Come Into Agreeance

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn haha. they forgot windshield washer lights.
  6. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    What Can You Say?

    now thats nice
  7. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    01 2.3

    replace the coils, maybe new wires. and enjoy the car. DONE
  8. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    True Milly Lover.

    lmao @ street's warning. i got it the first couple days i was here
  9. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    09 Mazdaspeed 3

    2010 mazdaspeed 3 u mean?
  10. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Thinking On Buying This One..or A Mx-5

    heck...if he was near me, he can buy mine. i even have rx8 rims for the car and the turbo has no shaft play. only problem is body damage.
  11. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Thinking On Buying This One..or A Mx-5

    look for any oil residue in and around the engine bay. also, check the suspension, alignment. and rev it till redline when driving. and see if tehre is any leaks afterwards. keep an eye out on water temperature. and any idle problems. if there is any kinda idle leak, DO NOT BUY IT! ur better off finding another one. other than that...good luck!
  12. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Nissan GT-R, A fraud?

    bhr does nto understand common sense. as for the skyline, i had the r33 skyline gtr motor mated to a gt-s tranny in my 240 vert. and it was killin vipers
  13. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Texting and driving - your opinion

    20 DOLLARS?!?!??!?! THATS CHEAP!!! here in jersey, having the phone in ur hand, i repeat.. IN UR HAND!!!! is a 158 dollar charge that must be paid three times over three years! lucky bastards
  14. mohamedeladawy@hotmail.com

    Freshened Mazda Demio Now On Sale In Japan

    hybrids=fail. i hate those shits. they kill rx-7's and the same car after it was sprayed with anti-rust.