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      Original posted by "Anubis"   HAH! forget millenia. it has it for every mazda ever made. (well most )   here is the website:   http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/ind...p;siteid=214264   enjoy guys.   *Administrative pin - Synesthesia


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  1. Mazdaworld Meet 2010

    I'm not booking anything until people are confirmed.
  2. Mazdaworld Meet 2010

    this really needs to get planned soon!
  3. Gb: Official Millenia Coilover Sale

    like i said, make an offer
  4. Mazdaworld Meet 2010

    if it is late august, early september, I am down 100%. no if ands or buts.
  5. Bmw M3

    i'll let you in on a secret... that car should not have had 245's on the rear LOLLLLLLL, not the OEM spec'd tires
  6. Gb: Official Millenia Coilover Sale

    this is finally completed and all items are shipped! i do have one in stock though!
  7. For Sale: 2002 Millenia S W/ Siezed Engine

    if its not gone yet, i have come up with a plan to get this car and store it. i'll give you an email.
  8. For Sale: 2002 Millenia S W/ Siezed Engine

    working on getting a spot for it. I have located an engine and an installer....
  9. For Sale: 2002 Millenia S W/ Siezed Engine

    mother of god........... this is my perfect starting point.... i want this sooooo bad but I have no where to put it. I even have the funds for it.... wow, coilovers, rims (plats old 18's - plats car revived!) w/ his exhaust, paint it 1 tone, and all i'd need is a new engine. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!!!! This is going to go so fast on the open market to someone who has a place to store it while repairs are made. Malice if we can work something out (while I doubt it), let me know. I have the cash and I know you're legit
  10. Do You Guys Want Coilovers For The Millenia?

    No I know that you contacted me up here first, I just wanted to say that LOL
  11. Do You Guys Want Coilovers For The Millenia?

    I cannot beleive no one here helped the cause! Street? There's going to be one with you name on it once the arrive!
  12. Do You Guys Want Coilovers For The Millenia?

    7th payment recieved! WOOOOOOOOOOOT
  13. Do You Guys Want Coilovers For The Millenia?

    oh yeh............. 6 payments received! 2 pending!
  14. New Stuff

  15. Updated Pics Of My Gs!

    This man knows his shit. The pictures were taken right around the date that they were posted... I was a Tuesday or Wednesday night, like 3 or 4 AM. Don't know what I was doing up since I have to be at work at 9, but none the less, that's what time it was.