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  1. SteveSter

    Carcapsule - 10 Years Later

  2. SteveSter

    Where Are They Now? You Know Who

    Everytime I see this I think of BHR.
  3. SteveSter

    Update This Place

    Whats going on here? Where is the CX-5 forum? The Mazda2 forum still saying "coming in 2011"? Has everyone given up on this place? Fine this place doesnt have to many members anymore, but atleast try to stay current.
  4. SteveSter

    Good Bye Milly

    Congrats, its a relief being able to drive a car and not worry about something breaking. A new car with new tech is good too. This car has bluetooth audio, 10 speakers, it comes with HID's that move on turns and a blind spot monitoring system that is actually pretty useful. The millenia's SC was shot, front IC was full of oil. On startup it would smoke pretty heavily until I accelerated down the block(I had one cat removed). Aside from that front and rear main seals, camshaft, and valvecover seals were leaking. 2 of my motor mounts were shot as well as the sway bar bushings. CV joints were going out, I had a bent tie rod somehow. Died with 175K miles.
  5. SteveSter

    Good Bye Milly

    If anyone was wondering what the status of the .org was. I gave up, the company that bought it is running it into the ground. A simple email would take weeks to get a response. Havent heard anything since.
  6. SteveSter

    Good Bye Milly

    So to continue the conversation... Hey Renboy, nice to see your still around. Lets put it this way towards the end it was taking about a quart a week. Burning it and leaking it, I could have fixed it all myself but there is no sense in putting $1k worth of parts into it. BHR I could have waited for a better offer or parted it out but just wasnt worth the hassle. Used that money to make my first payment and tint the windows of my MS3. I got a pretty good deal on it with the tech package for 24,500 and as a first time buyer with little credit I somehow managed %4.9 interest. Though I always said I would never buy a new car, it was worth it. This car is a blast to drive, though not as smooth as the milly. So good bye Milly RIP first Millenia Hellooo torque steer...
  7. Hey everyone, its been a while. The Milly S ME is gone... Towards the end the Millenia would smoke on start up and when I would floor it. Decided to just run it till it dies and one night the engine just gave in and died at 80mph on the highway. Sold it to a junkyard for $600. Bought a 12' MazdaSpeed3 in white and am extremely happy with it. 1500 miles on it and Im already modding it and learning how to tune it.
  8. SteveSter


    Im special Read the post.
  9. SteveSter


    Mazda flew me out to Montreal to test drive it. Its a fun little car and handles much better than other cars in its class. You really have to drive it for yourself. 52% of the cars frame is made out of high tensile steel and has well tuned suspension and brakes but the most impressive thing IMO was the steering feel, very sporty and the electronic power steering felt very responsive. Read the full story and look at my pics in the .org lounge.
  10. SteveSter


    I was one of the first people in North America to drive the Mazda2 awesome little b-car. Handles really well.
  11. SteveSter

    Debating Resonator Delete

    As opposed to a false remus?
  12. SteveSter

    Debating Resonator Delete

    BHR once again please stop saying things without knowing. A flashing CEL is cause by a misfire, not having a cat wont do that. Second the car would run the same concidering the upstream O2 sensors is what the car uses to determine AFR (air-fuel ratio) as for the downstream O2's you can do the spark plug non-fouler mod to it and you wont have a CEL for a cat efficiency codes. The muffler is not included, whoever orders this will have to buy their own and have it installed or atleast have a flange put on it. And why would you bitch about someone who is actually trying to make some parts for the Millenia, everyone is always pissed there isnt aftermarket support and finally someone is doing something about it. Also in FL there is no emission laws at all.
  13. SteveSter

    Debating Resonator Delete

    When I say high pitched I mean honda civic fart can high pitched. Of course it wont sound like that because of your muffler but. And it would never sound like a muscle car I just meant the tone of it will be depper and more of a growl. Just look up youtube videos of different setups and see what you like. I think it was Milly Owner who deleted his resonator and then put another back on because he didnt like the sound. I dont have an exhaust yet, a member from the .org is starting a group buy to fabricate a full bolt on exhaust system from the cat back. So the resonator will also be deleted. Thats what im waiting for to get mine done before the meet.
  14. SteveSter

    Debating Resonator Delete

    The resonator really doesnt cause anymore restriction in the exhaust system you probly wouldnt even notice and power gains. BHR basically if you want a louder exhaust go for it but I wouldnt, I would replace it with a better glasspack resonator. I was thinking of putting a cherry bomb to give it that deep muscle car sound and muffle the high pitch exhaust drone.
  15. SteveSter

    S Transmission

    Nope there is no other filter in the transmission, and either way the filter thats on there is a screen filter and can be rinsed well and reused with no problem. Change to Dex VI BTW. Dont do a flush, I work in a transmission shop and we DONT do flushes. Do a drain and fill prefereably about 4 of them to change most of the fluid out.