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Us Plans World's Fastest Car

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1500kW twin-turbo engine. Circa-500km/h top speed. Half a million dollars. Ambitious Americans target world records with new supercar.


This is a car that could make the 431km/h Bugatti Veyron look like a slow-coach.


Just a day after the VW-owned French marque reclaimed the World's Fastest Production Car crown with the latest version of its $3.5m supercar, a US racing car company says it is targeting a top speed closer to 500km/h with its new Dagger GT roadster.


TranStar Racing has revealed details of its plans to hand-build an "uncompromised" street-legal roadster it claims will produce up to 1500kW of power and accelerate from 0-100km/h in 1.5 seconds.


The extremely ambitious company says it wants its Dagger GT to break records including world's fastest production car and quickest lap around Germany's Nurburgring, though it has yet to build even one example of the car.


TranStar plans to build five Daggers in 2011 and 10 per year beyond that, though production won't start until there are five confirmed buyers.


Few details are confirmed, though TranStar says the Dagger GT will be comprise a steel chassis and carbonfibre body and will be powered by a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged multi-fuel engine it says will produce 969kW using petrol or about 1491kW (2000hp) using race fuel.


Hypothetical performance figures include a top speed in excess of 300mph (483km/h) and quarter-mile run of less than 6.7 seconds. The company says it's confident the Dagger GT will match those numbers in the real world.


"The Dagger's nearest competitors will not be close in terms of performance or value," says a TranStar release. "This will not be a debatable issue once the performance runs are completed and independently timed in early 2011."


The two-seat Dagger GT will be priced about US$450,000 ($530,000), according to TranStar, which means the American supercar would offer significantly more bang for your buck than the $3.5m Veyron.


The Dagger GT, which will include a removable hardtop roof, has been designed by Phil Frank, the man behind another US supercar, the Saleen S7.


TranStar is inviting people to invest in the Dagger GT program, though they will need to have a net worth of US$2m ($2.35m) and bring US$200,000 ($235,000).


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