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Valve Cover Gasket Replacement (1992-95)


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Originally posted by "The_Saint"




1992 to 1995 Mazda 929 DIY Valve Cover Gasket Replacement


Tools Needed:


14 mm socket

6mm hex

10 mm socket

Flat head screw driver and Philips


Pry bar


Six pack of a *Reference banned from MW*


Parts Needed:


Valve Cover Gasket

Drivers side $38.66 --- part# JE26-10-2D5

Passenger side $45.79 --- part# JE48-10-235

Gasket silicon $ 2.99



Steps on the driver side gasket removal.




1. Remove the intake tube, and then use your 14mm socket to unbolt the rest of the intake from the throttle body. There will be two bolts 1 on top and the other below. (Fig 1) IPB Image

2. Once you have removed the bolts, unhook the vacuum line that is connected to the intake inlet and then remove the inlet. (fig 2)

IPB Image

3. In order to remove part number 1 in the pic you must first remove the oil inlet number 2. The oil inlet has two 12mm bolts and the sensor has three 10mm bolt (fig 3) IPB Image

4. When both the sensor and oil inlet has been removed , the engine should now look like (fig 4)

IPB Image

5. Next step will be to release the throttle cable (fig 5), simply push on the throttle and lift the cable out.

IPB Image

6. Now remove the two 12mm screws that are holding the throttle body. One on top one below.(fig 6)When you have the bolts removed, unhook all connectors and vacuum hoses, the pull throttle body out.

IPB Image

7. Now in order to get # 3 out refer to (fig 7) you must first remove # 4 an electronic thing with a lot of vacuum hoses hookup to it. I call it thing you will know what I'm talking about when you see it.

IPB Image

8. Now unbolt the throttle cable from the manifold, then remove the manifold bolts 4 on bottom 5 on top (fig 8).Also loosen bolt # 10, later on when it is time to remove the valve covers that bolt gets in the way if its not loosen. unhook all vacuum hoes and now remove manifold.

IPB Image

9. Your engine should now look like this (fig 9)

IPB Image

10. Now from here on its pretty much common sense, unhook all vacuum and coolant hoses, remove the spark plug wires and unbolt the injector wires from the valve cover 11. You should now be looking at something like this (fig 10).

IPB Image

12. Now remove the valve cover bolts (fig 12).

13. The is a mount #7 in pic that is used to hoist the engine out of the car , I had to use a pry bar to bend the hoist back in order to get one of the valve cover bolts off (fig 12). IPB Image

14. My valve cover was baked on to the car so I had to use a flat head screw driver to pry it up, when you have the valve loose then fit it up and your engine should look like this. (fig 13) IPB Image

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