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Rear End Suspension


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Originally posted by "Dmeetro" This article will help the people who are struggling with the "control arm" issue. See there are 3 links on each side that hold the rear of the car. They cost around 1000$ for the set at the dealer IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image . Damn them fucks know how to rip people off. These 3 links are called


Lower latteral link

Upper latteral link and

Trailing link


On the car





off the car





I got them from junkyards for 300 $ and I got 2 spare ones and the ones on my car 2 work with. I have a few ideas how to make the car sturdier. These parts are a bitch 2 get off. The part where the dust boot sits, gets pressed in and since it has a conical shape therefore impossible to get off without extreme force. I called a few junkyards around ..... about 40 junkyards and found a few cars. So after checking out the parts i decided to buy them. I took off all the nuts/bolts but the parts wouldnt come out. After ruining my first part sum mechanic tried to take them off and tore 3 boots and i didnt buy those parts. Moved onto the next car I tried to take one off but it didnt go either so i paid them to take it off. They couldnt do it either so they took off the whole wheel assembly with all of the connecting links on it, and the whole break assebly with the hub. They said go to take off the parts and return them my leftovers. Damn i wish i had this opportunity a month ago when I replaced my rotor, break caliper and pads. IPB Image SO I have these parts at my house for 3 weeks and I cant take the links off. Panic starts to set in because if I cant get them off like this, I couldnt even imagine working on the car. Well for 3 nights I took a huge matton and banged on core of the hub by each of the connecting rods bolts. This didnt work what I did was soak the parts in oil for a week. Then I took the castle nut that was on the bolt of the link and turn it over. I screwed it flush with the bolt, took a big mallot and hit it tru a big metal surface. It worked like magic and the parts came off. I dont think I could get a swing like that working on the car. But I wouldnt wanna mess with taking off the wheel hub of my car either because of the abs sensor and e-brake which are connected to the hub.


I drew up a tool you can make, it looks something like this. It would have to be welded out of steel arc or tig. I think thats the safest way and probably how i'm going to take mine off.


IPB Image


What ever you do dont hit the bolt on the dust boot site of the link. Otherwise u'll end up with something like this. Instead if you want to try that route take the castle nut off and put it on backwards with the castle down. You will ruin the nut but at least your part will be safe.


IPB Image



The boots are usualy what gets worn down on these parts and the knuckle inside gets erroded from driving and the road conditions, especially in michigan. Not 2 worry tho the boot (8$) is replaceable and these parts might be in a decent condition on ur cars so they dont have to be completely replaced here is how to change the boot. I havent done this yet but i will have to within the next few month so i'll get back to you how it worked out but in the mannual it is like this







Today i welded the tool together out of steel. The thickest part on the tool is half inch thick. It fits the car perfect, and i wouldnt build it any other way, Its big but not to big , you can center the bolt on each of the control arms and apply a great ammount of static force, enough to pull the part of the car.



IPB Image



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