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How To Install Shocks/springs/coilovers


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Originally posted by "crossbow"


Here's a how-to install coilovers article if your wondering about the difficulty. The fronts are simplistic (much easier then spring installs), while the rears are the same as springs, other then the horribly nasty shock mount. (Its either really easy, or ridiculously hard)




And here's a thread showing the rx8 18's on lowered redfire 6i.



Rear fenders must be rolled. Both the front of the rear fender, the top, and part of the rear fender lip.


After they are rolled, you can run 235/40/18 on the rx8 rims without issue.


Lowering the car results in increased rear shock wear, which is also accelerated by the larger rims. Generally after about a 1.4-1.5 drop, rear shock life drops to around 10-20k miles, depending on driving style, conditions, and environment.


Luckily replacement rear shocks are crazy cheap, but a PITA to replace.


Moving from 17's to 18's (even if the 18's are lighter) will result in a slight loss in acceleration as proven by 6s mtx drivers at the track. You can expect to add about 2/10 a second to your 1/4 mile time.



Originally posted by "AcapulcoGold"


Fender rolling 101 :thumbsup:

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