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Nope. The first and second pics are looking up to the bottom of the motor, below cylinder #4. The spring is on the exhaust. The big "just out-of-focus" bolt head connects the block to the transmission.


Thru the bigger hole, the crankshaft is visable. Thru the smaller, one can see parts of the connecting rod and piston.......


The 3rd picture is the motor and the fourth is the odometer.....did I mention the car starts? LOL.....it spews oil like, in BHR terms, a "drunken non-male". :D

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My little brother was borrowing the car at the time. Basically what happened is engine fatigue. The little motor was just overworked. It wasn't staying cool all the time and would heat up. It didn't overheat mind you just get hot.


I've had the car for almost 4 years now and have spend way more than it's worth fixing it up and now I am done with it and am selling it.


It is sooo tempting though to fix the little beast and drive another 200K miles........

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