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      Online source for ALL Mazda OEM parts.

      Original posted by "Anubis"   HAH! forget millenia. it has it for every mazda ever made. (well most )   here is the website:   http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/ind...p;siteid=214264   enjoy guys.   *Administrative pin - Synesthesia
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Glossary Of Terms

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MAF-Mass Airflow Sensor
IAC-Idle Air Control Valve
TB-Throttle body
IM-Intake Manifold
EM-Exhaust manifold
cat-catalytic convertor
CAI-Cold Air Intake
VRIS-Variable Resonance Induction System
VAF - volumetric and/or vane airflow sensor [if you want to nitpick, DON'T no one cares]
TPS - Throttle position sensor
EGR - exhaust gas recirculation [system]
02 - oxygen sensor [duh]
IAT - idle air temperature [sensor]
FPR - fuel pressure regulator FP - fuel pump
FMU - fuel modulation unit
ECU - computer
N/A - naturally aspirated
S/C - supercharger(supercharged)
WAI - warm air intake
AFPR - adjustable fuel pressure regulator
ATX - auto transmission
MTX - manual transmissionPCM - powertrain conrol module
FW - flywheel
TP - test pipe
C/R - compression ratio
N20 - nitrous oxide NMU - Nitrous Management Unit
FI - Forced Induction
A/C - Air Conditioning
A/F - Air to Fuel Ratio
C14 - 114 Octane Helicopter Fuel
ZE - KL-ZE Japanese Domestic Market Engine
DE - KL-DE Engine (is found in Amercian Models)
03 - Amercian nickname for the KL-DE Engine (KL-03)
CB22 - 79 to 83 Mazda 626 Body Model
GC22 - 83 to 88 Mazda 626 Body Model
GD22 - 88 to 92 Mazda 626 Body Model
GE22 - 92 to 97 Mazda 626 Body Model
GF22 - 97 to 00 Mazda 626 Body Model
DIY - Do It Yourself
MSD - Multiple Spark Discharge Ignition System
NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems
CM - Clutchmasters Clutch System
JDM - Japanese Domestic Market
KDM - Korean Domestic Market
UD - Underdrive
TC - Torque Converter
O/D - Overdrive
CEL - Check Engine Light
EGT - Exhaust Gas TempratureTDC - Top Dead Center
ODB - On Board Diagnostic (system)
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
VCG - valve cover gasket
HP - horsepower
WHP - wheel horsepowerBHP - brake horsepower
WOT - wide open throttle
OEM - original equipment manufacturer
TCS - traction control system
ABS - antilock brake system
CV - constant velocity
ATF - automatic transmission fluid
PCV - positive crankcase ventilationCVT - continuosly variable transmission
4WD/AWD = 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
NMU = Nitrous Management Unit
VHPD = Very High Performance Derivative
MAZDA: Most Always Zipping Dangerously Along

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