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626 4-cyl Issues


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Stumped a bit and need some mazda input. Working on getting a 1995 (no OBD) 626 4-cyl 2.0 5=spd in top shape.


For awhile it was having a bad skipping/misfire under heavy acceleration, spark plugs were pretty new so changed the wires with a brand new set, after that the car ran terribly, very rough, maybe only running on 2-3 cyl, way down on power etc. Messed around with it and when using all the old wires and replaced just cyl 2 it stopped skippping but is still running a bit rough. Also down on MPG, dropped from 35mpg on highway to about 30.


If replace the old wire it skips but runs smooth with not. I'm thinking the wires are defective since a brand new set shouldn't be garbage, but should I be looking at anything else?

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where the new wires an upgraded set? Could be the resistance is too much and the solenoid can't send enough juice to the plugs quick enough.


Did you really recheck the basics? plug wire routing? Cap? rotor? points? spark plug gap? etc? did the wire connections "snap" into place?

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plugs installed a month ago, zero issues, with old wires its runs perfectly just skips under heavy load like taking off from light


with new wires its only running on 2-3 cylinders, terribly rough. mix and matching new and old you get best results with cyl 2 only needing a new wire.


damn 95, why you no have obd2

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