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At 14 Years, Vacuum Lines?

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  • 5 years later...

*Sigh*.....Well, I never got around to it in 2014, 2015/16 was a very busy year for me, lots of changes, 17 was just a holding pattern, 18 settling down etc.


Now it's late fall 2019 and Black Millenia has only done maybe 800 miles since 2014 post, vacuum lines not done


BUT - plan is to do vacuum lines on Silver millenia over thanksgiving

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  • 1 year later...

Well well well. It's done.

Thanksgiving 2019 I finished the silver Millenia, and 2 weeks ago I finally did the black Millenia. Very rare to have it out of storage, good weather, and the time. Whats interesting is how different it was. The silver Millenia clearly had someone in their before with 2 lines crossed and just different routing. I didn't really notice until I did the black millenia which was much tighter, all clips still intact etc. Had the whole thing done in about 4 hours, wasn't rushing but went smooth. Should now be good for 30-50 years more

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