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Dealership no longer service Millenia's?

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Has anyone had this issue? if anyone still has Millenia they take to dealership?

I haven't been in probably a solid 10 years as there was no reason, I do mostly all my own maintenance and its not driven. BUT the valve cover gaskets have started to leak more then a few drops so its time to get that sorted out, possibly a leak on timing cover as well.

So I called up the dealer because they were the only ones I let work on it, which has been tranny flushes, 15/30/45k service etc, always handled by a senior tech.....so I call asking for a quote, get put on hold, and service advisor comes back to say they may not be able to perform service because "no current techs employed here are still certified on that model" and that "There could be issues ordering genuine Mazda parts" and finally "We don't even have the service manuals anymore"

Kind of annoyed I mention that I have a full factory service manual for the car I could let them borrow if they use it gentle and return. Service advisor says they will certainly do their best but it may take much longer then normal in case of parts issues etc. Couldn't even get me a quote because it wasn't in their system.

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