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Wheel Waxing

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Well you see there are supposed to be 2 cars in the garage lengthways, as it is they barely fit so if the 500 took up even more room, the daily would not fit any more. When I have my own place I will look into the capsule investment.

Meanwhile I am curious to your waxing the Milly only a few times per year, I would have thought there is no downside to doing several coats of wax?

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when I wax and how much I use are different, if you do the math, of miles/wax it would be nearly the same as waxing the jeep once a week or more.

and what is this, I thought you only had the 500 right now, what is the daily driver?

I would highly recommend measuring out the bare amount of room needed, you may only have a few inches of clearance of room on each side, but it would be protected from all elements and pretty much anything eles. when you get it do what I did, inflate it empty and simply move it around to where you want it to be, then mark on the concrete, open, and pull the car in

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It has a fan constantly sucking out any unwanted dust etc. I like the idea and it is surely in my future, but for now I have one more question.

Does BHR recommend multiple coats of wax or is it unnecessary?

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the first time yes, I put on a few, however, that is when I go go down, claybar, paint cleaner, polish, then wax, and the 2nd coat I use a lighter wax.

you get the car into it by parking, basically you roll the mat out on the floor, park the car on it, then in the back the top section goes gently over it, 2 things on the side unroll, 2 zippers that seal, then there is a fan at the back, once inflated you put in the filter.

and no, it does not "suck the dust out" it works like a clean room, it completely changes the air volume out about every 3-4 hours, the fan is on 24/7 cycling air, as if the car was caught in a very very mild breeze, this means no moisture can exist, no mold, nothing can dry out or get to humid. the filter catches anything and everything eles, maknig sure hte car exists in basically purified air

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