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Sirius And Xm Merger Imminent

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DOJ has approved the merger, now the FCC must repeal it's ruling that satellite bandwidth must be divided between two companies. More waiting....

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The merger has been approved, with some good and bad sticking points. Both companies and services will remain the same if they wish to keep what they already have. New services will include a la cart choices. The new company had to bow to public services broadcasting (thanks Senator Stevens and Kerry >:( ). However, prices are fixed for at least 2 years, and prices will be lower for those choosing their channels. Too bad cable doesn't have to bow to these rules.


On a positive note, Ted Stevens, the main opposition to the merger, and originator of the bridge to no where pork spending, has been indicted for failing to report earnings for upgrades to his Alaskan home. Makes me wonder if the NAB provided the funds.

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What worries me the most is 1. its going to start being censored, yet at the same time more useless talk shows will be chosen.


I want to be able to pick my own channels, but I don't want packages like "basic, regular, prem" etc, I want to be given a list and just pick one by one


The biggest thing is that despite what there telling the media, its bullshit about all the channels staying, alot of the program directors (led by XM82 the systems zoltar) have posted blogs with the yet unreleased channel guide and have said alot of things are going, so far I'v heard up to 20% of XM will be gone, and maybe 10-12% of sirius


The idea is that if each station has the same thing (i.e 80's music) then they'll pick which one has higher ratings or something and only keep one.


In the case of 82,81,84 etc where sirius is piss out the ass crap, it will most likely cause me to cancel all together.

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