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Rx-7 Revival A Possibility


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In Australia for the local launch of the facelifted MX-5 this week, Yamamoto-san confirmed a redesigned RX-7 – almost certain to be based on the same new rear-wheel drive SKYACTIV platform that will underpin the fourth-generation MX-5 and Alfa Romeo’s new Spider in 2014 – will be launched by 2017.


Mazda’s sports car chief said the new RX-7 will be launched 50 years after the company’s first rotary-engined car, the Cosmo Sport, appeared in 1967. That means we’ll see the new RX-7 three years after the next MX-5 upon which it’s based, and 15 years after the last (FD3S-series) RX-7 ceased production in 2002, capping a 24-year lineage that debuted in 1978. While that model was produced exclusively for Japanese domestic market consumption, the last RX-7 disappeared from local Mazda showrooms in 1998.

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Mazda announced on August 23, 2011, that RX-8 will be discontinued from production citing the 2011 model as the last line of production. The RX-8 was removed from the European market in 2010 after the car failed to meet emissions standards.


Without the volume sales from Europe coupled with rising Yen prices, Mazda could not justify the continued sale of the RX-8 in other markets.[


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