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Drying Wet Car


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I have a question for the Good Lord or anyone else similarly blessed with knowledge in this field.


There are a couple of situations when one might have a wet car, either because it has been rained on or when it has just been washed. I find drying properly to be extremely important, especially on a black car where any dried droplets completely ruin the finish.


I've not been into chamois in some time because I found that they reduce the size of water droplets without truly drying. I've been using a large, soft towel which works OK but I have concerns about it doing harm to the paintwork.


Is there any commentary about the best way to dry a wet car?



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This depends on the conditions present. A chamois is ok but not great.


If it has just rained then you should not dry yourself as there is most likely dirt which will just cause more problems, rain water does also not contain many of the added things which cause waterspots.


So if its rain, you need to wash and then dry.


For that I use the LARGEST microfiber towel, dry lightly then follow up with a small yet ultra plush terry cloth towel. Do not use the smaller towels for initial drying as you'll just get a soaked towel without as much pampering

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I used to use chamois+microfiber as the last step.


I used to used to use de-ionized water when I had access to it. I simply pour 2 gallons of DI water on the car after a wash and let it dry itself. Since DI water is completely pure there is no water marks or what so ever. This is the ultimate solution that you can achieve.


You can also try distilled water from a grocery store.


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many suppliers seem to be going to a 3 pack of smaller towels, these are good for secondary polishing follow up but not for drying. You really need a very large area to provide both cushioning but room to absorb the water.


If microfiber holds 10x its own weight in water then why are people reducing the size?

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Currently I'm sticking with microfiber for all 3 cars.


That being said the "blue" series found at many auto stores, SUCKS.


I always buy a brand new one for the millenia then after a single use it goes to Jeep for 1 season. Hasn't held up well at all. The older "orange" series are still doing pretty good despite the fact I now use the older ones for wheels and/or dusting only

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