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LED battery terminal - with pics

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I have 2 alpine mrd-m500 amps for the 2 jl subs, I then have another alpine f200 amp for the speakers. Along with other things like hid's/battery tender etc, so its alot of extra wires.


Would like to make it much cleaner. Those terminals are prety high end and include multiple inputs.


Remember children, in the long long ago, the before time, I put thousands and thousands of dollars into the millenia's sound system.



troutman - Many options on the market, silver, gold, brushed alum, all different size inputs and options.




I went with the "satin platinum finish" Should fit everything but want to make sure the the main oem cables can be combined into a 0gauge.


LED gauge gives battery readout which is very helpful for storage condition, battery checks and finding electrical issues should I have a voltage drop in system somewhere.


and YES, they do make MATCHING negative terminals as well with no led's

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Pics added. So the main leads from the car fit PERFECTLY when combined into the 0awg input. Works perfectly, everything filled nicely, much cleaner, display turns off after 60 seconds with no change in voltage.


The voltage is high because the battery tender goes up to 14.1 then settles back to 12.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Not only that, but all the connections are machine drilled slot that hex-key screws go into to secure the cable. This not only gives a much better connection but makes quick work or swapping single ones out instead of messing with ring terminals etc.


Going to pick up matching negative one for millenia then a larger double 0awg for jeep.

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