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Rotating Crunch Noise From Driver's Side Front Tire

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There's a crunch noise coming from my drivers side front tire that gets louder and louder as the car is driven.......





Well I drove it around till the noise was real loud, then found a hill and let the car coast....noise happened with and without front brakes engaged. Used E brake to slow down and again no change. Took it home and the rim is super hot in the center....hotter than the caliper....my theory? Bearings.....the bearings are shot....


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I raised the wheel and spun it. checked the calipers and brakes......


turns out it was the passenger side axle was out; you could move it up and down on the inner joint about half an inch :o


also, the rim was hot was the drivers side rim was loose.......I had the tire fixed at a shop a few days earlier for a leak and I guess it didn't get seated right.....



All is now well with the MillY!!!!!

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