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So my friend bought a piece of shit car, I know its a shit because its a honda, I further know its shit because it was only 1000 dollars.


List of things it needs


Every panel has some damage and/or rust

tail light


marker light

drivers mirror

various bulbs



oil change....

tranny fluid is blacker then my soul

front calipers frozen

keyless entry system destroyed

front bumper

front bumper support

front bumper reinforcement



etc and so forth.


I went to just look it over and the handle for the oil's dipstick had broken off, so we tried to drill into the core, and pull it out which failed. So my friend took the drill and bored through the side.


Now a broken dipstick is in there, a hole in the tube, and possibly some metal flakes went down the tube. I fully plan on dropping the oil pan and blowing compressed air through the dipstick to make sure its clean, but how do I get the dipstick out and what should I do about the tube?


Is it possible to get take it down a notch with a dremmel?

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Can you get a replacement tube and dipstick from a junkyard?


The metal fragments shouldn't be a big issue if the oil and filter are changed straight afterwards. The car will probably be in a junkyard in a year...

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Wow this is wierd, I just also bought a Honda, its a 1992 Civic 4dr non-vtec. I got it for $300 with a possible blown headgasket I need to replace. Im going to fix it and sell it.



Now for your problem, try and get to the bottom of the tube and their may be a bolt that keeps the dipstick tube to the block. If not when you drop the pan the dipstick should slide out.

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hmm, the dipstick falling is not at all what I want, after cleaning away cobwebs - yeah you heard me, cobwebs as in this thing had been sitting in a field for about 10 months I can't find anyway to remove the dipstick, but if the dipstick falls down will it just sit half way in the tube and halfway in the oil pan? certainly I don't want it interfering with anything.


I did some searching and cannot find a replacement, kind of an odd item so a junkyard would work. He already relisted it on craigslist and probably ebay.


I changed the oil, semi reattached the bumper and got the car going, the engine sounded pretty decent....for a honda, nothing was banging around and ran ok for old gas.

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