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Were All Xedos 9's Standard With A Keyless Remote Thing?


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Im new here since I just bought a Xedos 9 2.5 this week (1996) and I read on this site and others that all Xedos 9 models were delivered with a keyless entry as a standard option.


I only got 2 keys and no remote, so I was wondering, did they indeed release all Xedos 9 models worldwide with the keyless entry remote thing standard? Or were there regions where it wasn't released with that remote as a standard?


My Xedos is a Dutch car. I already mailed a Mazda dealer nearby but they haven't answered my mail yet, so I thought I'd ask it here on this forum. :)


With my keys the central door locking and unlocking works fine, but I want a remote.

I saw a lot of them on ebay for around 30 bucks, but I am hesitating to order one. What if my Xedos 9 wasn't originally deliverd with the remote? If that would be the case I assume there is no receiver somewhere in the car to speak with a remote correct?


So if someone could assure me that my Dutch Xedos 9 2.5 '96 was indeed delivered withe the remote and that some jerk lost it over the years I will be ordering one on ebay tomorrow.


Thanks in advance,



The Netherlands


PS: I owned a Xerxes 626 years back (god I loeved that car!), hence the nickname

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I had a '94 model (which the Americans would call a '95) and that year was different so one had to specifically get a remote from the same year. These ones were expensive secondhand, and to make matters worse mine died soon after.


The later '96-'00 are the same if I recall correctly, more readily available and much more reasonably priced. A Millenia one will work so you can scour eBay USA.

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Okay Troutman, thanks for the quick reply :)


So you say my Xedos was equiped with the remote when the dealer sold it in 96?


That means I can buy one on ebay for model 96-00 yes?


Or is it wise to try and do that open the door and turn your key 3 times and close and open the door etc, the guide to program the remote just to see if my car beeps? Just to make sure? Or will it beep anyways?



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Okay thanks; I will buy one on eBay and let you know if it works.


I have another small problem with the car, but I'm gonna look into it myself and see if I can solve it and otherwise I'll open a new topic for it.


The car makes a sound like whoopwhoopwhoop and the faster I drive (no matter the revs) the whoopwhoop goes faster like whopwhopwhop :P


I think it might be the, how do you say it in english, wheelbearings I guess?

Or because the car was stationairy for over 1 year and the tires became egglike or something. So im gonna check for speling on the bearings (dont know the english word for speling, lol) and go and let the rims get balanced.


Before I go and let them get balanced out I was thinking to change the fronts with the rears and see if that helps a bit.


Other than that it drives beautifully. From the outside a little scrath here and there (thats okay, its from 96), but on the inside it is like brand new.


Besides that it was from 96 up until now fully Mazda dealer serviced so thats a big plus!


I like it a lot already and I only drove like a 100 miles in it or so :)

Thanks again for the help :)



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The car was originally licensed on januari 12th in 1996 in The Netherlands.


So that would make him a 95 model then?

Can I spot the difference between a Xedos that would need the old remote and one that would need the new remote?


I read somewhere on this forum that a model 95 would have no leather interior and no sunroof.


Mine has no leather interior, its kinda like suede, not regular fabric, but it does have a sunroof.


Maybe the sunroof was payed for extra back then. Are there any other ways to tell what remote I would need.


It would suck if I bought an old style remote and it wouldn't work because I needed the new one instead?





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Yeah the newer one is around 30 bucks, but that doesnt include shipping to The Netherlands.


Im guessing with shipping the newer one would set me back for around 35 euro's or so.


Not that I am poor or anything like that, but spending 35 euro's for something that will not work is a waste of money ofcourse, so I want to be sure wich one I need :)

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I am reading all 28 pages of this forum (backwards from 28 to page 1), somewhere around page 10 or 11 I found this post:


The code is printed on the the keyfob and the control module in the trunk. That'll tell you which one you need.


As I am hesitating to buy a remote and hope it works, I was wondering; where is that control module in the trunk? I opened the trunk once but besides a CD changer I didnt noticed anything. Is it in plain sight, or do I have to remove something to see that thing?


I will check the trunk tomorrow, cause I only opened it to see how big it was :P



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No leather = base base model. Still they all used the same remote. Older style had a log, newer 97-02 ones were plain


I see pics on the internet with just old fashioned fabric. Mine isn't. It isn't velours fabric either, like my Xerxes had back in 97, it is like suede or something. And it has the sunroof and climate control.


Besides that, I read different things about the remote. Some say model 95 has the remote with the logo, others say 95 and 96 models have that remote with the logo. Mine is from 12 januari 96, so my guess will be that it was produced in late 95 no?


And reading the post I quoted earlier would help to make sure what remote I should buy.

So if anyone could tell me where that thing would or should be in the trunk I would be more than gratefull :)


Thanks again.



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Alcantara I think it is. although my Lancia Delta HF Turbo also had half leather half alcantare, that looked somewhat different. Much rougher than the xedos.


I think it is alcantara though.


Looks like no one ever sat on the seats although it has 216.000 km's on the clock. My Delta's seats looked like shit with "only" 160.000 km's on the clock.



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Just inspected the trunk, but besides a Sony something-71 cd changer and the navigationthing and the bottom of the storagebox in the "hoedenplank" and the 2 speakers besides I didn't find any control unit for the remote?!


I checked the sticker with model info in de passengerdoor and it said ext. colour: A5.


According to this thread: http://www.mazdaworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=69


A5 is colour Satellite Blue Mica Clearcoat and it was not used in 1996.

So that makes my car a 95 model I assume :)


I'm still a bit hesitating to just go ahead and buy one of those extra expensive and superrare with logo remotes on ebay, since I didn't find any control unit in the trunk and BHRpowered said he thinks I have the basic of basics model.


Could it be mine was indeed without the remote thing? Where do I find this control unit? Perhaps someone could push me in the right direction of finding it and soon I will be able to open the Xedos from a distance. Like a boss ;)


Thanks in advance and greetz from the Netherlands

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Thanks. My instruction/owners manual mentioned the remote, but with an asterix * behind it.

On the bottom of the page it says: "on some models" or something like that.


I tried this instruction:



1. Remove key from ignition.

2. Close all doors.

3. Open driver side door and leave open.

4. Insert key in ignition, Turn key to ON (as far as you can go without starting the engine) and OFF, Remove Key.

5. Repeat step 4 two more times, making sure you remove key each time.

6. Close and then open the driver’s door three times.

7. Buzz sound or chime should be heard at this point signaling that the vehicle is now in programming mode. If not,

wait 40 seconds and return to step 1.

8. All transmitters need to be programmed at this time, including the old ones. Push any button on a transmitter two

times. A buzz sound to chime should be heard at this point signaling that the vehicle has accepted the new

transmitter code. Repeat for next transmitter, up to a total of three remotes (including any old remotes).

9. After all remotes are programmed, wait 15 seconds or until you hear four chimes signaling successful




Just to make sure I hear a chime after step 6, to see if I can get it into program mode, but it doesn't seem to work. No chime at all. I tried like 15 times or so to no avail.


Im beginning to think my 95 build Xedos 9 doesn't have a remote.


Can someone tell me where that control module should be in the trunk as stated by Frankzao?


Furthermore I mailed 3 different Mazda dealers in the neighbourhood, but they haven't replied so far.


I did found my VIN # somewhere in the paperwork and also the name and address of the first owner back in 96. It is in a small village only 15km's away from where I live.


Maybe I can see if I can find out if they still live there and just give them a call. They would surely remember if the Xedos they owned came with a remote I presume.


On the other hand, wouldn't that be kinda like, you know, awkward or something if some unknown bloke called you 10 years after you sold the car? :D

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the alarm reciever is behind the rear seat. if all else fails one of us here in the states can get you a later model 97-02 that isn't as finicky as yours if the connectors are the same.


Completely missed that post. Sorry for that.


Where behind the rearseat would that module be exactly? Do I have to remove like the back of the seat?

I don't completely understand your image. More precise point 2. Remove the rearseat back (refer to 09-13 rear seat removalinstallation).


That 9-13 points to the owners manual i presume? Don't have it near me at the moment and I'm going to sleep for an hour or 2 since I'm working nightshift tonight.


I will be checking it tomoroow early morning when I get back from work :)


Thanks so much for all the replies so far :)

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I see that the image with the procedure that latinopikachu posted is slightly different then what I found and tried.


Didn't had a chance to look into it further this morning when I got home; I was completely wasted. Damn nightshifts; lol :P


Is there like a specific time I have to turn the key? Like one second to to ON then one second to LOCK an then remove one second and then the same 2 more times?


I'm gonna try that procedure in any case and let you all know.


ps: one of the dealers mailed me that they would be able to search what remote I need if I mail them my VIN number. Well since I already know that my colour was only used in 95 I already know that I need the remote with the logo. I'm gonna mail him back and see If he can deliver a new one and see what that costs. If its like 150 euro's or so and a secondhand is around 70 euro's I might just go for a new one. We'll see.


First need to try and get the thing into program mode :)



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I've been trying again for some 30 minutes or so to get it to program mode but nothing happens.


Took a few pictures of the trunk with the backside of the seat pushed aside, bith from the left and the right hand side.


I noticed and antenna-like cable on the left that wasn't connected to anything. I thought I read somewhere that the control module would be connected to such a cable, but I'm not sure anymore.


I took a few pictures with my cellphone, but I can't find the usb cable to transfer them to my computer, so uploading will have to wait until I find the cable again :P


Furthermore, I found this thread: http://www.mazdaworld.net/forums/index.php...4&hl=remote


Refers to some postings by MillyOwner, but the pictures aren't working anymore.


It would be a great help If someone was willing to take some pictures of how that module should look.


I'm beginning to think that my car doesn't have that module installed since I can't seem to get it into program mode and since I saw that loose antennalike cable on the left side of the trunk.


Any idea's? And what if that module is missing, how much would that go for?


PS: I just received a mail from one of the Mazda dealers stating that for the 97 model the remote alone would be 305 euro's ex tax, so I bet the 95 model would be somewhere in that same ridiculous pricerange. I dare not think what that control module would cost if a stupid little remote already costs 350 euro's or so :'(

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