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Freshened Mazda Demio Now On Sale In Japan


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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has freshened its globally popular Demio compact car for the Japanese market. It goes on sale today at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships nationwide. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (including consumption tax) range from 1,190,000 to 1,580,000 yen.




IPB Image

Mazda Demio 13C-V

(Front wheel drive with MZR 1.3-liter Miller-cycle engine with continuously variable transmission.)

The updated Demio comes with refined interior and exterior styling. Two vivid exterior body colors — Passion Orange Mica and Golden Red Mica — have been newly added to the range. Inside, the standard black seats have been enlivened with a multistripe pattern, and the steering wheel features bright silver spokes.


Mazda's 'Audio-less' specification is now standard across the entire model range, providing customers with the freedom to choose their desired audio system. This revision makes the base price for some of the available models even more affordable.


Main features of the freshened Mazda Demio




- The range of exterior body colors has been expanded with Passion Orange Mica and Golden Red Mica. (Golden Red Mica was available for the special edition 'Chiara' Demio.)




- New 'Multi Black' seats energize the interior with the addition of a multistripe pattern to the standard black seats. (For all grades except SPORT) - The steering wheel has shiny silver spokes. (For all grades except SPORT) - Tachometer with white background as standard. (For 13C-V and 13C grades)


Other features


- 'Audio-less' specification (the center panel has a free space) provides customers with the freedom to choose their desired audio system. (New to all grades except 13S; came as standard on original 13S grade.) - A total of six-speakers are set in the front and rear doors and in the door mirror garnishes. (For SPORT grade)

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A very mild update indeed... the audioless concept appeals to me though, as it always annoys me how long it takes the car makers to adopt modern audio technologies in stock systems. For example, if you want compatibility with a simple USB key, you need a new 7 series...

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Funny that with all MCE,VVT and CVT mazda2 beats prius in fuel economy...


How come Mazda hasnt come out with some sort of variable valve timing. A system like that would benefit the MCE.


It has VVT, they call it sequential VVT or something. It is hydraulically controlled IIRC. It has all tricks to beat a hybrid.

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