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Gb: Official Millenia Coilover Sale

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so far I have these members that have shown interest.








Once I get off the phone with them tomorrow, I will be sending out an update via PM and posting up here. I don't want to let you guys down.




Right now there are 5 people who seem very serious to buy these - THIS IS THE TIME TO STEP UP....


I have final pricing that we will get - 900 plus the applicable paypal fees (about 25 dollars). For those out of the country, send out the 900 plus fees and we will finalize the remaining amount when they are ready to ship.


I will send you guys PMs, but if you see this and want to send money right away, send to excluesiveonez@aol.com




If we do not get atleast 7 orders by then, I will not be able to get this done and will refund 100% of the funds that were transferred to me.

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.... 1 person from this website.... lol... ok there is a cut off date which is oct 30... if im not wrong the total will be 900 + shipping + paypal fees... not sure on that one... ill let clue varify that one. Can be shipped where you are... im guessin ur in the US so not extra fees for international shipping apply..... hmmmm... so yea thats all... im better at convincing people to buy it when they feel iffy but when they say im in clue takes care of it.

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My coilovers arrived june 22 B)

Now I'm waiting for a front right lateral link, rear swaybar endlinks and fancy subframe bushes. Then state inspection is approved for two years, and the coilovers will be installed. I'm looking forward to taking a pic of the Xedos beside the Bimmer 530 Touring cuz the Bimmer will look like an MPV beside the Xedos and I intend to post that pic on the Bimmer forum :shifty:

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