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New Top Speed Record?

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LMAO! omg it's so WEIRD to see someone else with a MCE tach, and to see a MPH-primary speedo plate!!!! Holy shit I forget how rare that mod is, and then my KPH-primary plate that I was so kindly provided. HAHAHAHA.






Where the hell did you find those gauges? Millenia gauges go to 280kph or 160mph. What year is that from, because oh look, here is my 2000 gauge.


IPB Image


Which would confirm top speed.


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to my knowledge, BHR is the ONLY, I repeat ONLY person in NA with a miller-cycle engine tach and mph speedo. It's extremely rare in canada but thats of course in kph like other places its also rare.


Now this bring us to another question, why are there different versions of speedos? if you swap them from year to year will it be off?

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