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Millenia Performance Parts Guide

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Please post your "performance finds" in this thread, along with the best price you know of and any other important information. Please do not list eBay prices unless they refer to "Buy-It-Now" (fixed-price items). Prices should only include the cost of parts and (if you have the info) a rough estimate of labor to install them.


This particular thread is only for performance parts, such as engine or suspension upgrades. A similar thread will be created later for appearance parts, like spoilers or body kits.


Once this main list is updated, posts will be deleted unless there is a problem with your listing (and you will be notified in this forum if more info is needed).


And if you have used one of these parts and feel it is specifically worth recommendation to other members, let us know and we can "bump" the rating. Likewise, let us know if you've been dissatisfied with any of these items as well.


You, of course, are responsible for researching these items further on your own, and MazdaWorld (and its staff and members) take no responsibility for damage or loss that may occur as a result of using any of these products. Recommendations are made solely on a basis of good faith; no instrumented testing of any performance claims has been performed by MazdaWorld or its members unless it is expressly noted as such.


Key to symbols: (brand?) - brand unknown. (shop or manufacturer?) - seller or custom shop unknown. (price?) - price unknown. (front or rear?) - location unknown; for chassis parts. (type?) - model number, size or series unknown. (+) - product has been recommended over similar items. (-) - product has been found underwhelming against similar items.


Key to codes: KL - 2.5L DOHC V6 engine. KJ - Miller 2.3L DOHC supercharged V6 engine.






Showcase Motors - (888) 620-8995. (+1) Mazda OEM accessories, Mazda Sport Parts, Mazdaspeed items.




Air Intake


Filter (reusable), K&N performance - $60

Intake system (L/2.5 model only), JK Autosports performance for KL - roughly $180

Intake system, short-ram performance for KJ - announced (brand?)

Cold Air Intake system (S model only), Custom made by Chitown - Roughly 140 w/o filter

Cold Air Intake system (S model only). Custom made by Jdubs - PM for price




Thermostat, 180-degree upgrade - $15 (brand?)

Transmission oil cooler, Hayden - $60




Universal muffler, Remus - 365

Complete custom piping (cat-back, 2.5" recommend for S models) - $200 and up

High-flow cat - 180 + cost of custom piping (2.5" recommended for S models)


Fuel System


Supercharger, Canadian Supercharger rebuild for KJ - $1850 with core, LINK

Supercharger, Eaton kit by Thomas Knight for KL - $3800, LINK

Supercharger, ESC 350C electric kit by Thomas Knight for KL - $1300, LINK


Ignition System


Battery, Optima Red upgrade - $115

ECU upgrade, Jet performance - $220 at More Power Racing

ECU reflash, Jet performance - $400 direct from Jet

Spark plug, NGK stock replacement - roughly $25 for set of six

Spark plug, NGK Laser Platinum performance - $77 for set of six

Spark plug wires, upgrade for KL - $45



Crank pulley, Unorthodox Racing underdrive performance for KL - $145

Crank pulley, Insane Racing underdrive performance for KJ (price?)






Front discs, Brembo GT performance (price?)

Front discs, Bradi drilled performance - $100-180

Front discs, custom performance (price? shop or manufacturer?)

Rear discs, Brembo GT performance (price?)

Rear discs, Bradi drilled performance - $100-180

Rear discs, custom performance (price? shop or manufacturer?)

Lines, stainless steel performance - $80 (brand?)

Front pads, KVR performance - roughly $60

Front pads, Porterfield performance (price?)

Front pads, Axxis performance (price?) (-1)

Rear pads, KVR performance - roughly $60

Rear pads, Porterfield performance (price?)

Rear pads, Axxis performance (price?) (-1)

Front rotors, stock replacement (brand? price?)

Rear rotors, stock replacement (brand? price?)




Rear anti-sway bar, "j-spec" - $230 (discontinued in North America)

Springs, Eibach performance - $325 (1.4" drop)

Springs, B&G Sport performance - $212 at DriverFX

Springs, H&R performance - $270-300 (1.5" drop, slightly stiffer then eibach)

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We doing universal parts on this thread?


Hayden Oil Cooler

High Performance Engine Fan SPAL

Intercooler misting system

Catco High Performance Catalytic Convertors


All smalls gains to be sure, but they add up.


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Sadly, they are not compatible. There is not enough space for the MX6 headers in the engine bay, and the exhaust itself is rather different.


A custom piping job and universal muffler are the only means.


Sadly Sir, you are wrong about the headers, they can be fit with some modification, even on the S. I now have them. But yes they have to be changed to go over the cross member under the engine, and the oil pans are different, therefore the loop on the headers (to keep pipes same length) has to be altered.


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