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Breath of air


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:D ... Last night I had the Rx out, well it wasn't an ordinary night. Going up the mountain to see my friends that live there.The RX-7 was enjoying the new intercooler and the fresh cool air. Well after going home I had one of my friends behind me. Well out of the blue bloody hell a Supra comes out with just an exhaust and cia( I listened to see if it was really mod.). So he tails gates my friends 300Z, and almost causes him to crash.I stay and help him out.Going back down myself I see the Supra. I felt the need for revenge. Lucky enough he wanted a taste of PURE IMPORT power. He gets ahead of me , well I have actually learned how to handle mountain roads properly where I grew up over seas...(we all know what this means :shifty: ). He is pushing his car hard and all I hear is my engine. The air coming thru the intercooler to the tubos, all of suddening hearing the pitch of a whinning sound. 18 psi..pshhhh! The pure rush took over me. Went on the outside and decided to pass this idoit. With twin power within reach. 4th to 5th! All that is heard is my exhaust and see the backfire!The supra tries to keep up , the next turn is wide. As soon as I hit the turn , I opened it up again and disappear. Now there is a lesson to learned here.....can you guess???


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