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Why Can I Not Drain Millenia Gas?

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Parked the millenia with around 6 gallons of total has in it, wanted less but @118 miles in a weekend I'm almost double my average yearly.


so I have a transfer pump and hoses and simply wanted to siphon tank to near bone dry.


nope. 3 foot hose wasn't even touching fuel. It almost feels like some sort of screen is in place in the filler neck to prevent siphoning.


excellent work by Mazda with 4.25 prem gas, but hoe the crap I get the gas out

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Not good for the pump to run out of fuel, according to what lat posted the tank isn't flat and/or has multiple chambers - so it would be basically impossible to drain it all.


I just want as much out as possible to prevent the hippy ethanol from ruining things, even with sta-bil

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They are not designed to be run hard all the time, they need rest. Fewer heat cycles, fewer cycles of everything. Since the millenia is both fuel injected (pressurized fuel system) and has a plastic fuel tank the worst thing to do is keep the tank full.


The less gas the better, that way you can add fresh gas you know to be good.


Now, with a metal tank thats not pressurized you should keep it full to prevent rust.

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You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


"Driven" does not mean sitting in traffic or hauling around commoners from point A to B.


Driving means open road free from all, perfect roads where the engine is free to dance through every rpm to redline while going through all the gears never idling in traffic behind some honda.


Infact, I might be the only one who actually uses his millenia for purely driving instead of demeaning side tasks

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