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#5 Misfire When Warm

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I dont drive for fuel economy......my lead foot is too heavy to hold off the gas......besides, I'm addicted to the s/c whine..... :shifty:


I don't either... but I have to be nice since I need to do the radiator, reservoir, and one last heater hose. the last thing i need is having a hose burst especially since the 975 degree weather has just started to kick in. once i have those things (and the cats) done I'll be a little more comfortable.


stress on the transmission is another thing I worry about, especially at 185k. the fluid is changed yearly and never gets to the point of smelling burnt or even being dark... but the 1-2 shift is a little harder than it used to be and that's where I generally try to be the easiest on it. I'll let it go granny style until I'm up to 30-40mph and then get more aggressive after that. i don't want my tranny to go boom like someone on here....

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