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#5 Misfire When Warm

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How hard was it to change the injectors?


I didn't do it, I had a shop do it. It's a brand new car now aside from a leaking coolant reservoir. No misbehaviour and im getting 30-33mpg now doing 70 everywhere with the new plugs and packs. Even with weak/bad cats it's hilariously amazing how efficient the car is now. Hippies would die for this... I can't imagine what it would be like with new cats and o2s

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I will tell you that although at times I have privately wished for escape from the heartaches and pain the expense of nursing a Miller back to near perfect health brings, that the total work and parts of almost $6k has been very well spent. I couldn't get a car this fun , strong-running and efficient for that money. I only wish more could be rescued like mine instead of sent to the grave far too early...


Oh, and is BHRa aware of my 2002 Bose sub, speakers and HU install? Lol.. I now have 11 speakers :shifty:

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Myth statement:

Urinating on an electric fence can cause electrocution. (Spinoff of Peeing on the Third Rail)




Upon retesting the myth on an electric fence it was found to be Plausible, but the rail was still Busted. Distance was the factor, as the urine stream breaks up less at the close range needed for urinating on the fence than urinating on the third rail, thus ensuring a direct line of current between one's body and the electrical source.

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I really don't see what your gripe is, BHR - all the app does is DISPLAY information reported by OBD! I could be riding around with the special diagnostic thing from mazda connected and drive around all day and it would still just show data being collected by the ECU.


Nex thing I need to do is replace the right hand heater hose (the one that runs to a port near/under the battery) and the radiator (I have a small high pressure leak that is spraying into the fans, probably was caused by a small dent/ding when the grille got pushed into it when I had to replace the fender, bumper, hood) :starwars: battling with the burping is going to be FUNNNN... woooo :poopfan:

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