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#5 Misfire When Warm

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OK - So a few weeks ago I had a misfire after a warm start that smoothed out within a few seconds, but was enough to make the CEL blink. I didn't check to see what cylinder it was because I assumed it was a transient issue.


THEN.... (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn)


The car ran mostly smoothly when cold and would run that way until it was shut off. Then, after 20-30 minutes of sitting and cooling off, when restarted, it would start misfiring on #5 and then smooth out into an "OK" idle after a minute or so of doing that. One of the times it was misfiring just before it smoothed out I got a P0170 along with it. That one hasn't been back.


I moved #5 coil pack to #4 and the misfire did not follow, it stayed on #5 (no p0170).


The last time I drove it it felt like it had a slight miss when cold and the next hot restart it started up OK with no misfire. I've parked it for the time being.


What could be the cause of this?!!?



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MTS these are brand new plugs, brand new coils installed at the same time I spent millions of dollars to have the SC put in, VCG and a whole laundry list of other things. The bottom of the well is completely bone dry like the day it was made, the spark plug boot still perfect and new with no trace whatsoever of oil - it even still has that new rubber smell.


I'm hoping it's something easy like the MAF and not something where I'd have to spend another few million like injectors or cats

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Then it could be the wiring going to the coil itself


When you say NEW coils are they NEW mazda, or new refurbs, or "new" ebay?


New coils I got from Amazon. They were new in box, brand spanking new. The glue In the coil is white and almost clear, not yellow and opaque like a whored coil would be. . Besides the misfire did NOT follow the coil pack

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Jun 4 2008, 09:09 PM




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The Only MTS

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The Only MTS

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Another issue is cheap japs. On maxima's are some other other nissans in the 96-00 range "New" coils from 1 company used by nissan didn't work if refurbed, but from another company - with same oem part number worked fine. Only way to tell was by the color inside the boot.


If you've changed plugs and coils and the problem doesn't follow then it has to be wiring, a super long shot would be an injector but that would be out there.


No distributor or otherwise outdated technology.

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:shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:


Well I have a set of 6 OEM injectors on their way, should arrive today or tomorrow. still sealed in package for $55 each on ebay. when they get here i'll go to the dealer and ask them what other consumables I need (o-rings, etc) for the installation. i didn't want to bother with a reman injector because all they do is clean them and don't refurbish the electrical part, which means i'd have at least a 10-11 year old injector.


and i'm not going to sell or refurb my old ones; i don't want anyone to have injectors that have been baking under the hot TX sun for 14 years (Sept 1999) and have been driven to hell and back for 180k miles. It might be fun to send them away to do a flow test and see how well they were doing, but they're not going back into any other millenia. the last and final thing I want to do is all cats.


So - just a few last niggling little possibilities - if it were crank or cam sensor (my crank sensor is covered in oil from the crank seal leak) I would have misfires or general misbehaviour at all times, right?


it's a perfect angel with plenty of power from the first time it's started completely cold until it's shut off. after that, when restarted after 10-30 minutes sitting it will run rough and might misfire and then smooth out. the second time it's shut off it will misfire misfire misfire and never smooth out until completely cold again.

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I will say this only as this has happened before. I know there can NEVER EVER be a comparison to this car and a Milly, but it did happen in this other car.....


It was a Kia and part of the valve seat cracked and fell off in the #2 cylinder.......I did all the same things as you, switched coil packs, injectors, plugs, etc....wasn't until I did a compression test both dry and with oil that problem was discovered. There was a difference of more than 5% between the #2 cylinder and the others.....


Had the head rebuilt and the misfire went away......the funny thing is that there was only a CEL on the car. It ran fine. Didn't feel like a misfire, but the CPU picked up the difference thru the crankshaft position sensor......


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God dammit don't start that shit about cylinders being bad, heads being rebuilt etc.......... i don't want to hear it!!! and no, i'm having it done at a shop. i dont want to be responsible if it goes up in flames and taking the plenum and all that shit off would drive me insane. Also, if it was something with the head it wouldn't just smooth out and level off and behave perfectly after a few minutes, would it????????? Ugh

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