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New forum layout and theme poll


Its your world, decide how it should look  

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Well my children of the night, since it has been offically annouced what myself and the rest of the staff have been working on for the past couple of months its time to give you a sneek peek.


Now please keep in mind, these are only the forum layouts and themes. There is still the matter of a new main greeting page and video being developed, as well as a custom MW soundtrack so to speak.


These are the top layouts we have so far, please vote on which one you would like to see the most. Don't worry, these are just examples, we're not adding in random test forums.


On All Hallows Eve the site will be taken offline for several hours while everything is transferred over and the software checked over, after which point. MW 2.0 "Endgame" will be complete. Please also feel free to submit artwork for the main logo. We have several designs being tossed around, but suggestions or examples from the members would be a welcomed input.









No matter what, we're going for a clean cut yet rough polished, futurisic surreal look. Think Al Capone gangster era meets Starwars. Its going to be darker, and include extensive custom graphic art depending on how much time the In-house Laser productions design staff has to spare.


-The Joker






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most excellent. I cannot wait for all hallows eve when ti comes together.


...Thats Oct 30th for our non-us members, its the night before halloween. My fav holiday, halloween use to be my favorite but now its an excuse to become the flithest of all whores and all that includes, but all hallows eve is where all the bhr madness comes in

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