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Steering Techniques

Steering techniques  

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  1. 1. How do you steer?

    • Hand over hand
    • Cross arm
    • Shuffle
    • Pull-push
    • Cool
    • One hand
    • No hand

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1. Hand over hand: This is the most common form of steering. It is comprised of a series of pulls with hands alternating from the top of the wheel in the direction of the turn.

There is nothing dangerously wrong with this style. Its most contentious issue is, each hand pulls down on its opposite side creating a weak uncomfortable grip when each hand goes upside down. Many drivers compensate for this by placing their hand inside the rim of the wheel; a dangerous practice.


2. Cross arm: The hands grip the wheel on the opposite sides, about 1/4 to 3, if you can imagine the steering wheel as the face of a clock. The wheel is turned half a turn in either direction until the arms cross, before the hands change grip.


3. Shuffle: The hands grip the wheel on opposite sides at the same height, (10 to 2 or 1/4 to 3). The wheel is fed through the hands alternately. The only problem with this style is that it is inefficient whenever the wheel needs to be turned quickly, eg. parking or turning the vehicle around.


4. Pull-push: The hands grip the wheel on opposite sides at the same height, usually 10 to 2. The hands alternate the grip, moving up and down the wheel at the same height. One hand pulls the wheel down to the bottom where it meets the other hand at 6 o'clock position. Changing grips, the opposite hand pushes the wheel to the top where the hands touch at 12 o'clock, ready to change again for the pull down; etc. When the steering is turned to the desired amount, both hands hold the wheel opposite and at the same height as each other. To straighten the wheel, reverse the procedure. The last hand to 'feed in' is the first hand to 'feed out'.



5. Cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC3q5FHl2OY (queer type)




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I never do push pull althogh they say its the best. For higway i hold it in 9:15 position constantly. This gives enough room for any corners. One hand at times.. In city i cross the hands. When turning right, i hold it at 10 and turn it till 4 while the other hand is waiting to grip at 10, fastest IMO. For left turns are from 2 to 8. While cruising in city, either 9:10 or 10:15 or one hand. I incline forward in parking lots, much easier to maneuver. Palm is always on the side not in the front of the wheel, and hold it by "hand" not by fingers..

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Depends which car too. Whatever makes the wheels turn, but definitely not push pull. Ever. That's what the driving trainers try to teach you I guess, but do they know how to drive a car properly?


I put a flat hand on the wheel while doing tight corners or turning. One arm rested on the doorside knee while cruising. Twisty stuff arms crossed. Works for me.

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