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Because Theres Room On The Amex

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Well I am going to look at 01-02 White/Sand one today after work, happened to notice at a used dealer when on the way to work today...





GOD DAMN IT, that sliver has been rear seat desecrated as most... the magazine nets are sagging.... BAN KIDS

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ok slow down.


first off, I wantthe silver first, if I have truel extra money then I would get what clue posted, now before this goes off let me correct a few things.


the 2002 clue posted is not a titanium or whatever edition, its the 2002 special edition, I know this because I nearly traded mine up when it was brand new.


it ONLY comes in black with a tan interior (snice we know that is the best) the interior is leather, none of that crappy suede, but it is tu-tone, a lighter tan color, with a very nice black dash and brush aluminum trim, the brushed alum is NOT aftermarket.


It IS an S, it was only sold as an S


there are only around 1500-2000 ever made.


Its nice, but I want silver over this, but it does show the thing about the price, 14k is way to much.




Now for tonight..... I got there later then I had planned, looked over the car and it was beautiful, drove well, not quite like mine, probably needs new spark plugs, really needs a new air filter and engine cleaning.


Issues - chrome wheels are bubbling

hella dirty engine bay

odd door ding on rear passenger side, very small ding, but a deep gash with paint is missing (about the size of a dime)

now the deal killers, I looked at it in shadows from a street light, took it on a test drove and parked near the service bay under main lights, carfax is clean, BUT, the front bumper, hood, and drivers side bumper don't match the rest of the car...but match each other, since carfax is cleanit could be something fairly minor (hey my old jeep had its entire rear quater panel dented in but carfax said it was fine)


Then came the salesmen. I show up in semi upscale shrots, sandles, and my white MW.net t-shirt, but also in a big jeep. I tell the guy I know exactly what I'm looking for, I spend about 15 minutes crawling all over and checking everything, all fluids, every little crack and area for rust, even pulled off part of the splash shield to check. This asshole is going on and on about how it gets such great gas mileage and how I could trade in my jeep.


I told him thats not an option, all I had told him was that I was very very familar with the car. He keeps going on about mileage, he is quoting a window sticker and I tell him its simply not true, real world mileage is more like 16-22 ona good day, he thinks I'm crazy, but this was a mazda dealership, not some random dude, then he did what every salesmen is trained to do and pisses me the fuck off


We get in the car for a test drive and he instantly starts the a/c (about 74 today and car was sitting in sun) I hate that shit, they do it to so you don't hear the engine as much and its all cool. I instantly turn it off and turn the radio off, again, he looks at me like I'm crazy.


so we drive for a bit, seems good, but needs a few things as mentioned. The nwe get back, I tell him if it all works out i'll pay cash (I'm an asshole, but I won't have a manager hold a finance guy after hours if he doesn't need to be there) So then I tell him that this would be my 4th millenia, as a weekend only car. he seems suprised but whatever, now, on the window sticker there is no price, so I say to him "well I tell you what, it needs a few things, having the rims redone will cost a bit, so I'll give you market value minus 300 for the wheels, say 11800 and we can do a deal tonight.


The guy looks at me and goes "oh I'm sorry sir, the price is 13,800 and thats already below blue book, he wants to go get the thing and I tell him, yeah I know, but millenia's never sell at blue book, this is a mazda dealership you guys know that, they sell for 10-12k, honestly Ithink the car is worth 10,900, but this is a mazda dealership and low mileage so i'll go higher.


I told him he had the highest prices millenia on autotrader for like model and not the lowest miles (i.e like what clue found)


so he goes and talks to his manager and says they can do 13,700


I tell him "I'm sorry but thats unacceptable, I know these cars probably better then anyone here and what they sell for"


so the manager comes out and starts telling me what a great car it is and at 14k what a deal is it etc. I'm nice and tell him it would be my 4th, I know all about the car, if I didn't think it was worth looking at I wouldn't have driven here from nova.


so finally he goes down to 13,300, which doesn't include teh 295 processing fee which I will not pay under any condition.


Its 8:30, its dark, I'm hungry, and traffic sucks. I left my card with the guy, I told him it will sit on his lot for a long time at that price, even carmax is selling them aroudn 12500 and there always high for market value. I told him that if he wants to do 11,800 and no processing fee to jsut call me, and that otherwise I would be checking in every month.


So now its a game of cat and mouse.


it is exactly what I've been looking for, but I don't think I would buy it unless I could find out more about the accident and inspect more of the engine bay in light...so thats where I stand....It was so beautiful though.

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That was long. The one clue posted is base, check carfax.


The dealers are assholes. they turn stuff on to show off, like bose and AC. Mine was keep putting the key on and off to show the steering wheel is tilting. Ok i got it dammit. You are in the right track tough, he cannot sell that milly to anyone :)

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